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Jewish Book Week shou ld serve to make us aware of our
deficiency, to call ou r a t ten t ion to wor thwh i le Jewish l i te ra tu re
which is available, to foster w i th in us a greater sense of responsi-
bility as patrons of the Jewish book, and thus to he lp cure ou r
pathological cond i t ion of sp i r i tua l illiteracy.
I s r a e l G o l d s t e i n ,
President , Synagogue Counci l of America.
In these days, when the d read h and of H i t le r threa tens our
people, i t is more than ever necessary to focus on ourselves the
light of ou r historic trad i t ion , of ou r glorious cul ture , of ou r
l i te ra tu re—the l igh t of the Jewish book.
O u r enemy seeks to destroy us. Bu t we—we struggle against
h im bo th bodily and spiritually. And if we canno t be stronger
than he in body, then we must be stronger in spirit . So we were
in the course of ou r en t i re history, so we are today. H e re lies
ou r victory.
L e i v i c k
President , Yiddish Pen Club.
I t is a fact recognized by all, even the least discerning, tha t
Juda ism and the Jewish people are facing a crisis. O u r fu tu re as
a people and as a religious commun i ty hangs in the balance.
Even when the Un i ted Nat ions will have t r iumphed , as we pray
and confidently believe they will, ou r fu tu re will still rem a in to
be de termined . T h e gravest and most delicate problems will
then have to be solved, problems of reset t lement and rehab i l i ta-
tion of refugees, of Palestine, of Jews in the ir own home-lands,
the ir positions w i th in the i r states, and the i r relat ions w i th the i r
fellow-citizens, of the revival of the spir i t of Juda ism , and of the
fo rmu la t ion of its prog ram of though t and ac t ion in the new,
democratic world sure to emerge from the present chaos, and
countless o ther problems of similar complex and baffling char-
acter. T h e solut ion of some of these problems, those most
superficial and immediate, will rest, in par t , in the hands of
those who will sit a round the peace table and will take the
in i t ia l steps in shaping the destinies of peop le and nat ions.
Bu t in largest measure the fu tu re of Israel and of Juda ism rests,
as it has always rested, in ou r own hands. How will the Jewish
people, and how will the Jewish religion, rise to meet this crisis
and to shape the i r course of though t and ac t ion and creative
living in the new world, now struggl ing to be born?
T h e r e is, of course, no one simple and immed ia te answer to
this question. T h e role of Israel in this nex t act of the endless
d ram a of h um an existence will un fo ld slowly. I t c anno t be
otherwise. A decade, a generat ion , centuries hence th a t ro le will
still be un fo ld ing for the eternal people. May i t be a ro le well
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