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played, for the glorification of God, for the hono r of Israel and
for the blessing of mank ind .
Bu t it can be this only if we Jews are fully in fo rmed of ou r
exal ted sp i r i tua l heritage, if we comprehend clearly the implica-
tions of Juda i sm and Jewishness, if we live as Jews truly, under-
standingly, devotedly, creatively. T h i s we can do only if we know
ou r history, ou r t rad i t ion , ou r lore, ou r destiny in the i r mani-
fold aspects and th ink loyally, responsibly, hopeful ly thereon.
One of ou r most immediate duties, bo th ind ividual ly and col-
lectively, if Juda i sm and Israel are to survive, and no t merely
survive, b u t truly live, is to expand ou r store of Jewish knowl-
edge, tha t we, each of us, may the be t te r play his p a r t as a Jew
in the impend ing crisis and in the post-war reconstruct ion
process, par t icu lar ly as this will affect ourselves and ou r bre thren .
For some this means systematic study; for others, and probab ly
the vast majority, i t means wide reading, bu t along distinctively
Jewish lines. Here lies, I believe, the basic significance of the
ins t i tu t ion of Jewish Book Week.
J u l i a n M o r g e n s t e r n ,
T h e Hebrew Union College.
I welcome the oppo r tun i ty to add my word of greet ing on the
occasion of the in i t ia l appearance of the tri-lingual Jewish Book
Week Annua l . T h e Jewish Welfare Board, as pa ren t organiza-
tion for Y.M.H.A.’s, Y.W.H.A.’s and Jewish Commun i ty Centers,
has consistently promo ted the observance of Jewish Book Week
among its cons t i tuen t societies. It has encouraged the bu i ld ing
up of adequa te collections of Jewish books for Cen ter libraries
as leading to the enhancemen t and enr ichmen t of the educat ional
programs. In no o ther time in the history of Amer ican Jewry has
there been a greater need for fostering interest in Jewish books
as a means of arous ing us to bo th the benefits and responsibilities
of ou r sp ir i tua l heritage.
I am happy in the though t tha t the Jewish Welfare Board has
cooperated this year to b roaden the scope of the Na t iona l Com-
mi t tee for Jewish Book Week to encompass Hebrew and Yiddish
Cu l tu ra l Divisions.
F r a n k
W e i l ,
President , T h e Jewish Welfare Board.
T h e ha rmon ious and uns t in t ing cooperat ion of the creative
l iterary forces of American Jewry and of dist inguished leaders of
ou r community, irrespective of the i r outlook, in the t rue spirit
of Amer ican democracy has made the previous Jewish Book
Weeks a widely recognized success. I t will, I am certain, con-
t r ibu te greatly to the pe rpe tua t ion of ou r cu l tu ra l values in
the fu ture .