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Mordecai Soltes
T h e celebrat ion of Jewish Book Week du r ing the past year
was the widest since the launch ing of this cu l tu ra l period.
Organizations th roughou t the country responded eagerly to the
appeal of the Na t iona l Commi t tee to focus the a t ten t ion of
the i r clientele upon Jewish books as a med ium for cul t ivat ing a
deeper apprec ia t ion of ou r cu l tu ra l heritage and streng then ing
ou r inne r resources.
T h e types of program varied, serving as p r inc ipa l features of
periodic adu l t and you th meetings, and as bases for city-wide
functions. T h ey were sponsored by small units, such as clubs,
study circles, and classes in synagogues, Centers, and schools, as
well as by larger groups affiliated w i th local institutions, central
or na t iona l bodies. Among the la t te r were Bureaus of Jewish
Educat ion , parent-teachers associations, lodges of fra terna l orders,
chapters of na t iona l you th agencies, m en ’s and women’s organiza-
tions, s tuden t fraternities and sororities, l i terary societies, etc.
Over nine h u nd r ed copies of the 1941
Manua l of Suggest ions
were d is tr ibuted . Interest ing reports were received at na t iona l
headqua r te rs from a subs tant ial p ropo r t ion of the recipients.
T h ey indicate tha t Jewish Book Week has proved successful in
disseminating a knowledge of Jewish books and in s t imu la t ing
the ir acquisi t ion for home and ins t i tu t iona l libraries. T h ey also
reveal its potent ial i t ies as an inter-agency and inter-faith project,
involving cooperative p lann ing and activity and con t r ibu t ing
towards be t te r ne ighborhood unde rs tand ing and communi ty
I t is hoped th a t the ma ter ia l in this Section will prove of
practical assistance to individuals and committees in ar rang ing
impressive Jewish Book Week programs. I t is presented und e r
three headings: Descriptions of Diversified Projects, Specimen
Programs, and Excerpts from in terest ing repor ts on 1941
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