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In the main, the variety of activities sponsored last year fol-
lowed the pa t te rns recommended in the 1941
Manua l .
I t has
therefore been deemed advisable to rep roduce here abb rev ia ted
descriptions of the most popu la r projects w i th terse ins truc t ions
for the i r execution. Accounts of un iqu e var iat ions are also
Di sp lay of Jewish Books
Collections o f Jewish books, grouped in accordance w i th their su itab i l ity
for various ages, are displayed in a conspicuous part o f the lobby, reading
room, or upon the shelves o f the inst i tut iona l or local commun i ty libraries.
Recently pub lished works on subjects of current interest are emphasized.
Book-jackets, maps and posters add color to the display.
Book Exchange
Students or club members are encouraged to bring Jewish books from
their home libraries to the class or club, to be borrowed by their colleagues
during Book Week. A nomina l charge may be made for the use o f the books,
and the income from this source deposited in the class or group treasury,
donated to a worthy cause, or devoted to the purchase o f books.
Exh ib i t s
Th i s consists o f a more elaborate book display, inc lud ing the works o f
some of the authors whose anniversaries are be ing commemorated , together
wi th one or more of the fo l low ing elements:
Ra r e Edi t ions , unusua l Le t te rs , original Manusc r ip t s and Pho tog r aph s
Jewish A r t ,
w i th emphasis on the works o f l iv ing Jewish artists, one of
whom may be inv ited to lecture on the Jew in Contemporary Art or a
kindred subject ih the course o f the exh ib i t . It wou ld also be desirable to
place on exh ib i t ion the works of the pup i ls o f Art Classes and products of
the Arts and Crafts Department , based on Jewish motifs, as illustrations o f
one o f the types o f Jewish activity carried on in the inst itut ion .
Jewish Ce remon ia l Ar t ic les
uti l ized in connect ion w i th rel igious customs
o f the Hom e and Synagogue, particularly objects and mater ial associated w i th
the Ho ly Scrolls. It may be feasible to borrow ceremonial objects, o f artistic
workmanship or antiquity , from local Jewish fami l ies and inst itut ions for the
period of the exh ib i t . T h e same appl ies to private col lections o f rare books.
T app ing local resources invariably elicits wider part icipat ion . Th er e m igh t be
brief descriptions and exp lanations o f the traditional significance o f the
articles exh ib i ted , on separate cards or in a m imeographed fo lder or cata-
logue , to serve as a gu ide to visitors.
T h e Cycle of Jewish Ho l iday s
—A colorful “Demonstrat ion o f the Jewish
Festivals” through table decorations, may serve as an appropr iate project for
a W om en ’s Group. Objects and symbols used in the home on the Sabbath and
holidays are placed on separate tables and arranged skilfully so as to convey
at a g lance the central features o f the observance o f each festive occasion.
One table is generally set aside for Jewish l iterature for the home .
T h e
Based on Section III o f 1941 Jewish Book Week
Manu a l of Suggest ions
(pp. 8-16, revised and condensed) .
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