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Jewish H om e Beau t i fu l
Jewish Fest ivals R o u n d the Year,
is a fitting theme
for a program p lanned in connect ion w i th such an exh ib i t .
Jewish Magaz ines and Periodicals
— in English, Hebrew and Yiddish *
P o r tab l e E xh i b i t
A portable exh ib i t o f books and articles wh ich may be transferred w i th
facility to different sections of the bu i ld ing wou ld serve as a very fitting
background for group and mass funct ions arranged dur ing Jewish Book Week.
Jewish Book T ea or Shower—w i th Li terary P rogram
a. Proceeds are devoted to the purchase o f new Jewish books for the
inst i tut iona l or pub l ic library. It is advisable to obtain suggestions from the
librarian or another authoritat ive source concerning the titles wh ich are
needed most.
b. Nove l features o f a social-cultural character at such a funct ion may be
a costume dance, tableau or pageant, portraying and interpreting the titles
or contents o f Jewish books, dramatizations o f striking events portrayed in
lead ing books of Jewish fiction or biography, or o f episodes in the lives of
the literary personalities whose outstand ing anniversaries occur this year.
In order that this experience may prove o f max imum value educational ly,
the participants shou ld be st imulated to write their own dia logue after com-
p le t ing essential reading and research. Th ey w i l l also derive abundant satis-
faction if they w i l l be in a posit ion to bu i ld the scenery and settings, sew
some of the costumes, and present the completed program themselves.
Jewish Book Re v i ew s
Of outstand ing works o f the year, w i th readings o f striking selections, at
special meetings , Friday evening Forums, over the radio, etc.
Lec tures , Symposia, Pane l Discussions
On t imely literary or historic themes, preferably w i th an accompanying
book exh ib it .
a. Appropriate topics for lectures are:
“Gems of Jewish Literature”
“T h e Best Five Jewish Books o f the Year”
“T h e Jewish Stake in Democracy”
“T h e Jew, a Barometer o f Civi l izat ion”
“T h e Romance of Jewish Literature”
“Books as Weapons o f Democracy”
If the talk is given before a Parents-Teachers Association or a Child Study
Group, the speaker m ight discuss the best Jewish books of the year for
chi ldren of particular ages.
b. For a pane l symposium or round table the discussion may assume the
form of an exposit ion and appraisal o f current trends in Jewish literature,
or o f the growing significance of American Jewish cultural resources and
influence in the face o f the catastrophic developments abroad; a review of
the role o f learning in Jewish history; an evaluat ion o f the effectiveness of
the contemporary system o f Jewish educat ion in America; an estimate o f the
l ife, personality and contributions of the personages upon whose anniversaries
attent ion is focused.
See current issue of the
Amer ican Jewish Year Book
(Vol. 44) for a list
of Jewish periodicals appearing in the Un i ted States (pp. 401-410).
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