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“Jewish In fo rma t ion , Please,” “Ask M e A n o th e r ,” and o th e r Games
a. Incorporated in Jewish Book Week programs, these quizzes are designed
to test familiarity w i th titles, authors, and subject matter o f standard Jewish
books and classics, especially with the works o f the authors selected for
emphasis dur ing the current year. An opportun ity shou ld be afforded mem-
bers o f the prospective audience to submit in advance su itab le quest ions
w i th wh ich to “stump the experts.”
b. Other popu lar games and pastimes wh ich may be readily adapted for
use dur ing Jewish Book Week are: “Jewish Book Treasure Hun ts ,” “Cross-
word Puzzles,” “Ident ification” and “Comp le t ion” Tests, “Book Rev iew ,”
“Scrap Book” and “W ha t ’s My Name?” Contests, “Jewish Ha l l o f Fame ,” and
“Picture Puzzles.”
c. Jewish books adapted to the ages o f the winners, shou ld be awarded
as prizes.
Selec ted Lis t s of Jewish Books
a. Dea l ing w i th specific subjects or issues, and calculated to satisfy the
reading interests o f different age levels, may be posted conspicuous ly on
bu l le t in boards, pub lished in house publications or local papers, or dis-
tributed among persons who visit the inst itut ion and attend the gatherings
arranged in celebration o f Jewish Book Week. It is also in place to direct
atten t ion to the titles avai lable in the organization library, prov ided the
number is not too large.
b. Frequently the issuance of such lists encourages recipients to bu i ld up
collections of Jewish books for home use. Classes, clubs and special interest
groups are also st imulated to contr ibute vo lumes chosen from such lists to
the library of the agency in wh ich they meet .
“A T r i p ” or “A Journey through the L and of Jewish Books ,” “A D a y ”
or “A N i g h t in Jewish Book land”
are titles emp loyed to designate an elaborate cu lm ina t ing program o f
activities, lasting throughout the day or evening, arranged in observance of
Jewish Book Week, and embody ing different features, such as dramatic read-
ings, musical numbers , an address or symposium, the ded icat ion o f a collec-
t ion of Judaica or shelves o f books presented to the library, in add i t ion to
an exh ib i t .
Comb in ing Educa t ion w i th Par t i c ipa t ion
a. It is h igh ly desirable to sponsor programs in the preparation and conduct
of wh ich participants incidental ly acquire knowledge as we l l as the satisfac-
t ion resulting from active, personal sharing in an interesting, wor thwh i le
activity related to Jewish Book Week. Self-initiated projects that are under-
taken in response to the desires and interests articulated by members prove
particularly rewarding.
b. T h e fact that 1942 marks the 450th anniversary o f the discovery of
America could, for examp le , serve as a t imely po in t o f corre lation for
inaugurating a project that wou ld he lp to convey strikingly the substantial
role wh ich Jews have played in the discovery o f America and in the genesis
and deve lopmen t of our American Repub l ic .
c. Among the specific activities in wh ich members o f the group cou ld
fittingly engage that wou ld y ield va luab le results from the po in t o f view o f
the gu id ing objective o f this project are the fol lowing: