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(1) An inquiry could be made into the early history o f the Jews in a
particular commun ity , to establish who ״the first Jewish settlers were, when
they arrived, what occupat ional fields o f activity they pursued, wha t were
the earliest forms o f Jewish religious, cultural and social l i fe in that city,
the ex ten t and character of the part icipat ion o f Jews o f this commun ity in
the series of significant historic events and deve lopments o f the past 150
years affecting the welfare o f the American peop le generally. T h e desired
informat ion wou ld be obtained from the records in the local library and
other mun ic ipa l departments, the files and m inutes o f the oldest congrega-
tions, social and welfare societies, etc., and through interviews w i th some
o f the oldest local inhabitants . A written record o f the data unearthed
cou ld then be compi led and deposited in the archives o f the local library,
Jewish Commun ity Council, or similar central agency, to be available for
future reference.
(2) Guided educational trips to places of historic Jewish interest should
also be p lanned. T o be o f greatest benefit culturally, the scope and character
o f the tour should be considered by the groups in advance of their visits.
Provision shou ld also be made for interviews with authorities familiar with
the historic landmarks, and for sustained discussions growing ou t o f the
trips, to be conducted at the meetings which w i l l follow. Such a procedure
w i l l not only he lp to satisfy the curiosity o f the visitors, but may also yield
by-products of endur ing educat ional worth.
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