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At the Friday Evening Services o f T em p le Beth El, Rabb i Henry Fisher
spoke on “After a 1000 Years, a Tr ibu te to Saadia Gaon .”
An original pageant,
T h e P eop l e of the Book ,
was presented at the J.Y.M.-
W.A. T h e episodes depicted were drawn from the Scriptures, American
Jewish history, and the works of contemporary Jewish writers.
Exh ib i t 9 - P IT T S B U R G H , PENNA.
In the Morris Baer Memorial Library
o f the Y.M. & W.H.A.
315 S. Bellefield Avenue
In honor of Jewish Book Week
November 23-30, 1941
Free literature
A special book list on
Jewish L i fe in Amer ica
Jewish T hough t Today
was distributed. It was prepared for the “Y” by the Carnegie Library of
Exh ib i t 1 0 -BRONX , NEW YORK C ITY
Jacob H. Schiff Center
Sunday, November 30, 1941, 7:30 P. M.
1. God Bless America .............................................................................................Audience
2. Jewish Songs of Learning
O i f ’n P r ipe t ch ik
b. Israel and the Torah are as One
c. Vos Lernt a Klein Ingele
3. March o f Jewish Books and Authors
Dramatic Scenes by various Clubs and students of the Hebrew H igh School.
Dos Messerel
by Sholem Aleichem
Scene II Judah Halevi
Scene III Chassidic Songs about the “R ebb e”
Scene IV
In the Tw i l i gh t ,
by Chaim Nahman Bialik
Scene V "
Bonz te Schweig”
by Yitzchok Leib Peretz
Scene VI T h e Book Burn ing
4. Commun ity Songs
Go D own Moses
Dund a i
By the Fireside: O i f ’n P r ipe t ch ik
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