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2. At the H i l le l Foundat ion in Champaign,
., the na t ion-w ide observance
of Jewish Book Week led to the organization of a strong library staff o f
ten workers. Th e se student librarians were st imulated to recatalogue the
library, to purchase a bu l le t in board for i llustrative purposes, and to organize
a nucleus for a book-reviewing club wh ich meets monthly.*
N o r m a n K i e l l ,
N a t iona l Field Secretary .
3. Last year, for the first time, an organized effort was made by the Jewish
Education Committee to introduce Jewish Book Week into the Hebrew and
Sunday schools o f New York, in cooperation w i th a committee representing
the principals, teachers, congregational bodies and other groups. T h e program
consisted of activities in the indiv idua l schools and a commun ity Jewish
Book Fair he ld at the Anshe Hesed school in Manhattan. A special handbook
was prepared by the Jewish Education Committee and made available to all
institutions. An attractive poster and a bookmark were printed by the
Hebrew Pub l ishing Co. T h e Book Fair was visited by several thousand
adults and pup ils who came w i th their teachers from all parts o f the city.
After inspect ing the books, the children assembled in the aud itor ium and
took part in programs. Ther e were also a symposium on Hebrew textbooks
and an even ing devoted to Yiddish l iterature. Some o f the most prom inent
Yiddish poets spoke and read from their writings. T h e Book Fair was
transferred for the fo l low ing week-end to the Jewish Community House
of Bensonhurst .
D r . B e n
E d id in ,
Jewish Educa t ion C omm i t t e e of N ew York.
4. T h e observance of Jewish Book Week in Cleveland was directed by
the Bureau of Jewish Education. A committee of 25 was set up , representing
the pub l ic library branches in the Jewish neighborhoods , the larger Jewish
adu lt organization, coordination agencies, congregations, recreational institu-
tions and the Jewish Community Council. News items and editorials on
Book Week appeared in the general and Jewish press. T h e month ly Jewish
radio program was devoted to a discussion o f Jewish Literature by Rabbi
Barnett R. Brickner. Fourteen Jewish Book Week meetings were arranged
by the Cleveland Publ ic Library and local Jewish organizations. Special
Book Week Assemblies were p lanned in at least two schools, and exh ib its
in all the congregational and pub l ic libraries. Bookmarks, lists, picture
puzzles and other materials prepared by the Bureau o f Jewish Education
were distributed. Catalogues and lists of books issued by the lead ing Jewish
book publishers were available at all exh ib its and wherever consigned books
were on sale. In addition , Jewish Publ icat ion Society leaflets were sent by
the Jewish Community Council to the presidents and representatives of
some 150 organizations represented in the Council. T h e Cleveland Publ ic
Library printed 5,000 copies o f a special list o f Jewish books avai lable on its
shelves ent i t led
Juda i sm , A R e a d in g List .
Special efforts were made to
co-opt the interest and cooperation o f the Hebraic and Yiddish reading
D r .
A z r i e l Eisenberg,
Di rec tor , Bureau of Jewish Educa t ion .
Recent ly Dr. A. L. Sachar, Na t iona l Director o f B ’nai B ’rith H i l le l
Foundat ions , comp i led a l ist o f about 100 Jewish books, to serve as a
nuc leus students’ library for a Jewish Alcove.
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