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5• T h i s year marked the in itia l observance o f Jewish Book Week in Malden ,
Mass. T h e results exceeded our expectations . T h e various e lemen ts in the
commun ity were brought together by means o f this project. Am ong the
activities were a book review contest for chi ldren in wh ich there were over
200 entries, an afternoon at the pub l ic library in the form o f a book review
for adults, exh ib i ts of Jewish books and periodicals in Engl ish, Hebrew and
Yiddish, the making o f posters and discussions o f Jewish books at meet ings
of youth clubs, and a Yiddish Book N igh t . A committee was formed to
enlarge the Center’s library co l lect ion in t ime for use in the H om e Camp,
and a set o f the Jewish Encyclopedia was donated to the pub l ic library.
Valuable by-products were achieved by means o f this city-wide cultural
effort undertaken by all types o f Jewish organizations. Cordial relat ionships
between the general and Jewish commun it ies were strengthened . Persons no t
previously affiliated enrol led as members o f the Center or Hebrew School.
Several individuals who served on the Book Week Committee became workers
in the membership campaign. T o lend con t inu ity to this significant project,
a permanent Jewish Book Week Committee was set up.
a m u e l
in s k y
Ex. Dir. , Ma ld en T a lm u d Torah and Jew . Com. Center .
6. At the principal program he ld at the Jewish Commun i ty Center o f
Al lentown, Pa., Tuesday evening, November 25th, Rabb i Harry Katchen o f
T em p le Beth El spoke on Jewish Biographical Works, conc lud ing his address
w i th a review o f Dr. Cyrus Ad ler ’s autobiography
I H a v e Cons idered the
Days .
I fo l lowed w i th a description of Herz l’s
and S. Fe l ix Men-
de lsohn ’s
L e t L augh t e r R ing .
T h e Hebrew School PTA devoted a m ee t ing
to the discussion of appropriate English-Jewish reading matter for boys
and girls o f pub l ic and h igh school age. Copies of
Jewish Cu r ren t Events ,
Wo r ld Over ,
and outstand ing books for Jewish chi ldren were exh ib i ted .
Dur ing the week o f November 23rd Jewish books and magazines, ceremonial
objects and rare Hebrew books were on display in the lobby.
H a r r y E l k i n ,
Educa t iona l Di rec tor .
7. We conduct a Jewish Book Club at the Florence Marshall Hebrew H igh
School o f New York, in wh ich every one of the members undertakes to read
at least 25 selected books on Judaica in the course o f the year. T h e school
provides a c irculating library for that purpose.
D a v i d R u d a v s k y ,
Pr inc ipa l .
8. We are p lann ing to have a con t inuous display o f Jewish books through-
ou t the academic year, chang ing the titles from week to week, to encourage
circulation of Jewish books from the local library. We w i l l feature books by
and on authors whose anniversaries are stressed this year.
R a b b i B e n j a m i n M . K a h n ,
D i re c tor , H i l l e l Founda t ion a t Pa. Sta te Col lege.
9. Inasmuch as I have a small commun i ty , I was no t in a po s i t ion to
undertake an elaborate program. However, I d id devote a spec ial sermon
to Jewish Book Week , prepared a display o f Jewish books, and made up
selected lists o f books to be distr ibuted to the members. Jewish Book Week
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