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was also the theme o f the week in working w i th the chi ldren o f the Hebrew
School and Sunday School.
I found the
Manua l
most he lp fu l in offering suggestions and ideas for
the observance o f the week. I also plan to make use o f the
Manua l
dur ing
the year, particularly in the celebration o f the anniversaries o f Jewish per-
sonalities, and other such cultural projects.
R a b b i S a m u e l R a p o p o r t ,
Cong. B ’nai Israel, Kankakee , III.
10. Through our Education Committee, exh ib its o f recent books deal ing
w i th matter of Jewish interest were set up in the Paterson Pub l ic Library
and in the Y.M.H.A. T h e enclosed bibl iography was prepared for distribu-
tion. Th er e was a great deal of newspaper public ity w i th regard to Jewish
Book Week in the daily press and in the “Y”
Cr i terion.
D a v i d
G o l d e n b e r g ,
Asst . Ex. Dir . , Jewish Commun i t y Counci l , Pa terson, N. J.
11. T h e Jewish Center o f Jackson He ights jo ined in the celebration of
Jewish Book Week. T h e sermon at the Friday n igh t services was devoted
to it. An exh ib i t ex tend ing over a week was arranged in which books of
Jewish interest were displayed. Members were encouraged to make purchases,
and orders were taken on the spot for books on display.
abb i
a l p h
im o n
12. As a result o f our observance o f Jewish Book Week, Miss T ing ley of
the Port Chester Pub l ic Library has reported that more peop le have been
borrowing and reading Jewish books than ever before in the history o f the
library. She fe lt that our suggestion o f a selected group of outstanding books
for exh ib i t at the Public Library was much wiser than previous procedures
of exh ib i t ing all their books. As a result o f this celebration several persons
have approached the Jewish Center with donations for our library in the
form of books. T h e Board of Directors o f the Jewish Center has also voted a
$50.00 annua l library fund for the purchase of new books.
D i re c to r of Ac t iv i t ies .
13. Jewish books were on exh ib i t in the lobby, Read ing Room and neigh-
borhood library (Seward Park Branch). In the classes of the Re l ig ious School,
pup i ls brought interesting examples o f Jewish books from their homes; an
intensive reading program encouraged greater use o f the ch i ldren’s book
collection in the Read ing Room; bookmarks and book covers were made.
Tr ips were arranged to the p lan t o f the Hebrew Pub l ishing Co. A talk on
Jewish books was given to a Mothers’ Club. Jewish books formed the theme
of an address, and of a “W ha t ’s My T i t le?” contest, he ld at the Senior
Oneg Shabba t ,
Friday evening.
R a b b i D a v i d
C e d a r b a um ,
Educa t iona l Al l iance , N ew York Ci ty.
14. T h e Friday even ing service and sermon were devoted to an observance
of Jewish Book Week. After services, the congregation adjourned to the
Commun ity Ha l l , where an exh ib i t of Jewish books was on display. Orders
were taken for books by a committee o f the T emp le Sisterhood. On the
who le , I shou ld say that our observance was successful in drawing attent ion