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impe tus wh ich the observance of Book Week w i l l give and the pub lic ity
that it w i l l spread w i l l create a larger demand for the Jewish book wh ich
wi l l result in a wider acquaintance w i th Jewish ach ievements on the part
o f our peop le . Jewish Book Week is one o f the impor tan t means of
st imula t ing Jewish se lf-knowledge and Jewish dign ity , the most approved
safeguards in the armory o f our defense.
Jewish E x p on en t ,
Ph i lade lph ia , Pa., November 21, 1941.
Isn't it an anomaly that the Peop le o f the Book need to have an inst itu-
tion known as Jewish Book Week? Perhaps; bu t le t us no t be too harsh,
for there is a great deal o f vital reading matter nowadays compe t ing for
attent ion. One must keep we l l abreast o f the day ’s news and possibly there
isn't as much time as one shou ld l ike for more leisurely reading.
Nevertheless, the existence no t merely o f Jewish books bu t o f an impres-
sive and dist inguished library o f Jewish l iterature must be brought
dramatically to the attent ion o f the Jewish public . . . .
It has never been as necessary as it is in our day for the Jewish com-
mun ity to be strong, self-confident, alert; and this appl ies w i th part icular
force to the American Jewish community. How to attain this desired end?
Th er e is no surer way than the search for knowledge, and no th ing wi l l
strengthen us so greatly, no th ing w i l l provide us so effectively with that
inner fortitude, than to be know ing Jews.
Jewish Exam ine r ,
Bklyn. , N . Y., November 21, 1941.