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T h e Na t iona l Commi t tee for Jewish Book Week will be glad to
send copies of the following lists of Jewish books, upon request:
1) Anno ta ted List of New Books of Jewish In terest in English,
Heb rew and Yiddish, pub l ished here and ab road from Janua ry
to August, 1942.
I t is the in ten t ion of the Na t iona l Commi t tee to make such
lists available three times a year: in May, September, and Janua ry
(a round Lag Ba ’Omer , the H igh Holy Days and Hanukkah ) .
These tri-lingual compilations, w i th brief descriptions, have been
p repa red for the Commi t tee by Messrs. Ha r ry J. Alderman ,
Solomon Kerstein and Daniel Persky.
2) Selected List of Jewish Books for a Hebrew School Library
(annotated) , compiled by Dr. Jacob S. Go lub in consul tat ion with
Drs. Pinkhos Chu rg in and Emanue l Gamoran.
3) Classified List of 100 Jewish Books for a Home Library
(annotated), compiled by a committee consisting of Solomon
Kerstein, H a r ry J. Alderman , Dr. Joshua Bloch, Dr. Pinkhos
Chu rg in and Dr. Solomon Grayzel.
Alderman, H a r ry J .—American Jewish Bibliography, July, 1941■
June , 1942. American Jewish Year Book, Volume 44, pp. 303-
319. Rep r in ts available free of charge at the American Jewish
Committee, 386 F ou r th Avenue, New York City.
Jewish Alcove—100 and More Volumes of Jewish In teres t—A
Nucleus L ibrary for the Layman—suggested by Dr. A. L.
Sachar, Na t iona l Director, B’nai B ’r i th Hi l le l Foundat ions ,
605 E. Green Street, Champaign ,
For ful ler informa t ion regarding books suitable for various
age groups, send for the catalogues of the publishers of Jewish
Some of the na t iona l Jewish organizations and central Bureaus
of Jewish Educa t ion also issue publ icat ions and educat ional ma-
terials re la ted to the i r respective programs of activities, and
in tended pr ima r i ly for the i r clientele.*
See Vo lume 44 o f the American Jewish Year Book (1942-43) for a directory
o f nationa l Jewish organizations.
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