Page 36 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 1

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“E i the r the book or the sword (will prevai l) .״
Aboda Zara,
i j
“No t by might , no t by power, b u t by My spirit, saith the Lo rd
of hosts.”
Zechariah IV, 6
“A book and a sword descended together from heaven. Said
the Almighty, ‘I f you will abide by the mora l law of the Book,
you will be saved from the sword.’ ”
Sifri, 138—Ekeb
“Nex t in impor tance to freedom and justice is po p u la r educa-
tion, w i thou t which ne i the r freedom no r justice can be perma-
nent ly m a in ta ined .”
James A. Garfield
“Wear the old coat and buy the new book .”
Au s t in Phe lp s
“Medicine for the soul .”
Inscr ip t ion ove r the doo r of the L ib r a r y a t The b e s
“All tha t mank ind has done, though t , gained or been, it is
lying as in magic preservat ion in the pages of books. T h ey are
(he chosen possession of men. My books are friends tha t never
fail me .”
T homa s Car lyle
“Make every effort to buy books for your ch i ld ren and provide
them w i th a teacher from the i r you th .”
H a i Gaon
“We are the People of the Book,
T h e w r i t ten page is ou r salvation;
T h i s only from the wreck we took
W hen conquerors crushed ou r n a t ion .”
Jessie Sam p t e r
“Books are keys to w isdom’s treasure;
Books are gates to lands of pleasure;
Books are pa ths tha t upwa rd lead;
Books are friends. Come, let us r e ad .”
Em i l i e Poulsson
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