Page 52 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 1

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I well remember him at the London Zionist Conference in
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—his leonine head, his thunderous accents, his revolutionary
passion. But he stood alone. We did not heed him; not only we,
the Jews, but also we, the Zionists. Since then a quar te r of a
century has passed. The crisis of civilization which Nordau had
predicted and dreaded is now full upon us. “Whole races will be
pitilessly crushed out of existence”—a large par t of the Jewish
race in particular. Today we have come to demand a mass trans-
fer of the survivors of European Jewry, Jewish control of immi-
gration into Palestine, a Jewish Commonwealth. Whether we
know it or not, we are re turning to Nordau. Is it not time that
we did so consciously with heart and mind? Has not the moment
come for making his teachings, his doctrines, his philosophy and
his prophecies the common and compelling heritage of Ameri-
can Jewry?
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