Page 10 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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e r e n b l u t
, M
a x
Comparative study of Judaeo-Italian translations of Isaiah.
New York, Bloch, 1950.
e t t a n
, I
s r a e l
The five scrolls. Cincinnati, Union of American Hebrew Congre-
gations, 1950. 252 p.
A popular but scholarly Jewish commentary for Bible readers on the Song
of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes and Esther.
e w e r
, J
u l i u s
A. The book of Isaiah. New York, Harper, 1950. 2 vols.
The King James version with introduction and critical notes in Harper’s
annotated Bible series.
l u m e n f e l d
, D
a v id
The story of Israel. Dallas, Texas, Story Book Press, 1951.
593 p.
A rhymed history based on scripture narrative.
o k s e r
, B
e n
io n
The legacy of Maimonides. New York, Philosophical Library,
1950. 128 p.
The author relates Moses Maimonides* interpretation of Judaism to the
problems confronting modern religious life and thought.
o o k s t a b e r
, P
h il ip
a v id
The idea of development of the soul in medieval
Jewish philosophy. Philadelphia, Maurice Jacobs, 1950. 104 p.
An account of the psychological observations of the leading Jewish philos-
, R
F. Antisemitism in modern France. New Brunswick, N. J.,
Rutgers University Press,
1950. 348 p.
The first in a series of studies of the development of anti-Semitism in
France before the Dreyfus affair, pointing to the intellectual and political
background of this event.
a ig e r
, S
t e p h e n
L. Lives of the prophets: A thousand years of Hebrew prophecy
reviewed in its historical context. New York, Macmillan, 1950. 333 p.
New chapters on Samuel, Elijah and Elisha have been added to this enlarged
h a m b e r l a in
, R
B. and
e l d m a n
, H
e r m a n
The Dartmouth Bible. Boston,
Houghton Mifflin, 1950. 1257 p.
An abridgment of the King James version, rearranged topically and chrono-
logically with aids for students.
l a r k e
, M
a u r ic e
. H
to read and enjoy the Psalms. Chicago, Wilcox &
Follett, 1950. 156 p.
o p a s s
B. A. and
a r l s o n
E. L. A study of the prophet Micah. Grand Rapids,
Mich., Baker, 1950. 169 p.
a n b y
, H
e r b e r t
The Code of Maimonides. Book 9, the book of offerings.
New Haven, Yale University Press, 1950. 236 p.
A new volume in the Yale Judaica Series, treating the laws of Passover and
festival sacrifices. Danby is known for his translation of the Mishnah.
a v i e s
D .
Paul and rabbinic Judaism. New York, Macmillan, 1950. 376 p.
An analysis of Paul's attitude to the Halakah and Jewish tradition.
e n t a n
, R
o b e r t
C. Preface to Old Testament theology. New Haven, Yale
University Press, 1950. 74 p.
Describes the biblical background of Christian belief.
r u c k
, S
a m u e l
Swastika over Jaworow. New York, First Jaworower Inde-
pendent Association, 1951. 103 p.
The tragic chronicle of the Jaworow Jewish community, translated from the
Yiddish by Samuel Kreiter.
u r a n t
, W
il l iam
a m e s
The age of faith. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1950.
1214 p.
A history of medieval civilization — Christian, Islamic and Judaic —
from Constantine to Dante, 325-1300.
in h o r n
, M
o s e s
Wolkovisker Yizkor book, with an introduction by Charles
A. Cowen. New York, 1951. 156 p.
A memorial volume to the Jewish community of Wolkovisk, Poland.
p s t e in
, M
e l e c h
Jewish labor in the U. S. A.: an industrial, political and
cultural history of the Jewish labor movement, 1882-1914. New York, Trade
Union Sponsoring Committee, 1950. 456 p.
A study of the Jewish trade unions and their influence on the cultural life
of the Jewish workers in America.