Page 11 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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e rm
, V
e r g il iu s
ed. A history of philosophical systems. New York, Philo-
sophical Library, 1950. 656 p.
The chapter on Jewish philosophy was contributed by Samuel S. Cohon
of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.
i n e
, M
o r r i s
ed. American Jewish Year Book, vol. 52. New York, American
Jewish Committee, 1951. 585 p.
A careful record of events and trends in Jewish life in America and other
parts of the world. Contains a statistical account of Jewish population
trends and directories of Jewish organizations and the Jewish press.
i s h
, S
i d n e y
M .
Aaron Levy, founder of Aaronsburg. New York, American
Jewish Historical Society, 1951. 81 p.
The first in a series of studies in American Jewish history tells the story of
a Jewish pioneer who founded a community in central Pennsylvania.
r i s c h
, D
a n i e l
On the road to Zion. New York, Zionist Organization ofAmerica,
1950. 239 p.
The collected papers and addresses on Zionism and the State of Israel by
the late president of the Zionist Organization.
a s t e r
, T
h e o d o r
e r z l
Purim and Hanukkah in custom and tradition. New
York, Schuman, 1950. 134 p.
A critical view of the origins of both festivals and a description of observances
practiced by Jews in different countries.
e r b e r
, I
sr a e l
J. The psychology of the suffering mind. New York, Jonathan
David, 1950. 202 p.
The biblical book of Job reinterpreted according to modern principles of
psychosomatic medicine and religious counselling.
in s b e r g
, H
a r o ld
o u i s
Studies in Koheleth. New York, Jewish Theological
Seminary of America, 1950. 53 p.
An examination of the literary and philological problems in conjunction
with evidence that the book of Ecclesiastes was originally written in the
Aramaic language.
in z b e r g
, E
l i
Agenda for American Jews. New York, King’s Crown Press,
1950. 87 p.
The issues confronting the American Jewish community in the synagogue
and in the school, in social welfare and in activity to promote Zionism are
presented by the Columbia University economist.
l u e c k
, N
e l so n
Explorations in Eastern Palestine IV. New Haven, American
Schools of Oriental Research, 1951. 2 vols.
—ז-----, Annuals of the American Schools of Oriental Research, vols. 25-28, 1945-
A complete report of archaeological discoveries in northern Gilead and the
Jordan Valley by the president of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute
of Religion.
o l d s t e in
, M
o r r i s
Jesus in Jewish tradition. New York, Macmillan, 1950.
328 p.
A study of the allusions to Jesus in rabbinic literature and later Jewish
sources up to the 18th century.
o r d i s
, R
o b e r t
The wisdom of Koheleth. New York, East & West Library,
1950. 31 p.
A new translation of Ecclesiastes into modern English with a commentary.
r e e n s t o n e
, J
u l iu s
H. The Holy Scriptures. Proverbs with commentary.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1950. 354 p.
A Jewish commentary based on the Hebrew text of the book of Proverbs
intended for the student and the layman.
a d a s
, M
o s e s
Aristeas to Philocrates. New York, Harper, 1951. 240 p.
The Greek text of the “Letter of Aristeas” with an English translation,
notes and commentary. The letter describes the translation of the Torah
into Greek.
The second volume in the new edition of the Apocrypha sponsored by
Dropsie College.
, S
. Modern Hebrew literature: trends and values. New York,
1950. 238 p.
The positive influence of the Haskalah movement on Jewish life in the