Page 13 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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Chapters on special characteristics of the text of the Hebrew Bible in the
Mishnaic period, and on social and religious institutions in Palestine. Based
on a comparative study of rabbinic and classical literature.
i p t z in
, S
Eliakum Zunser: poet of his people. New York, Behrman, 1950.
248 p.
A biography of the bard whose poetry and song were part of the folklore of
the American Jewish immigrant.
, P
h il i p
ed. Orientation in religious education. Nashville, Tenn., Abingdon-
Cokesbury, 1950. 618 p.
Among the 43 chapters on the objectives and methods of religious education
in America, there are chapters on Jewish education.
a k r a k i s
, D
a v id
Commentary on Psalms. Translated out of the original Greek
D .
Cummings. Chicago, Orthodox Christian Educational Society, 1950.
960 p.
a r q u a r d t
, M
a r t h a
Paul Ehrlich. New York, Schuman, 1951. 255 p.
e e k
, T
h e o p h il e
J. Hebrew origins. New York, Harper, 1950. 246 p.
A revised edition of the work treating the evolution of Hebrew civilization
and the development of the biblical ideas about God and man.
e sc h
, A
bra h am
J. Abyss of despair (Yeven Metzulah) by Nathan Hanover.
New York, Bloch, 1950. 128 p.
An English translation of the 17th century chronicle of the Chmielnicki
massacres of the Jews in Russia and Poland during 1648-1649. The volume
contains a biography of Nathan Hanover and annotations on his work.
o f f a t t
, J
a m e s
The Moffatt Bible Concordance. A complete concordance to
the Bible: A new translation by James Moffatt. New York, Harper, 1950.
550 p.
il c h
, J
u d a h
ed. Jewish education register and directory. New York, American
Association for Jewish Education, 1951. 122 p.
A listing of all agencies and Jewish schools in the U. S. and Canada, with
special articles on the statistics and methods of Jewish education by Israel
Chipkin, Uriah Engelman, Aharon Kessler and Leo Honor.
in s o n
, K
o p p e l
S., ed. Yivo Annual of Jewish Social Science, v. 5. New York,
Yiddish Scientific Institute, 1950. 314 p.
Articles and excerpts from larger studies, originally published in Yiddish.
Devoted to two main areas: Eastern Europe and the United States.
r it c h a r d
, J
am e s
B. Ancient Near Eastern texts relating to the Old Testament.
Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1950. 526 p.
English translations of Egyptian, Akkadian, Hittite, Babylonian and
Aramaic texts containing myths, hymns and wisdom literature of the nations
and cultures of the ancient Near East.
Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research. Vol. 18, 1951. 374 p.
The entire volume is devoted to a study by Bernard D. Weinryb of the
communal history of Polish Jewry.
Proceedings of the Rabbinical Assembly of America. Vol. 13, 1949. New York,
Rabbinical Assembly of America, 1950. 471 p.
The problems of the diaspora and its relations with the State of Israel as
discussed by conservative rabbis are presented in this annual volume. Another
main topic is the creative function of the American Jewish community.
Rabbinical Council of America. Manual of Holiday sermons 5711. New York,
Rabbinical Council Press, 1950. 252 p.
A collection of festival sermons by orthodox rabbis.
a s k i n
, P
h il ip
M. Collected poems. New York, Bloch, 1951. 394 p.
e ic h m a n n
, E
G. Hostages of civilization.
study of the social causes of
anti-Semitism in Germany. Boston, Beacon Press, 1951. 281 p.
e i f e n b e r g
, A
do lf
b r a h am
Ancient Hebrew arts. New York, Schocken,
1950. 171 p.
The outstanding finds of ancient Hebrew scrolls, monuments, seals, coins
and art objects are described and reproduced in attractive illustrations.
e z n ik o f f
, C
h a r l e s
n g e lm a n
, U
r iah
Z. The Jews of Charleston: A history
of an American Jewish community. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society
of America, 1950. 343 p.