Page 17 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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r i n ig
, M
y r o n
Footsteps on the stair. New York, Rinehart, 1950. 346 p.
The story of a Jewish and an Irish family in a town in the Middle West of
the United States in the nineteenth century. The author portrays the old
faith of the immigrant in the limitless opportunities in America. (IJB, April,
r u c e
, M
ir ia m
Linden road. New York, Harper, 1951. 280 p.
A well written novel dealing with the theme of Jewish anti-Semitism. The
author implies that American Jews, to become happy personalities, must make
an affirmation of their Jewishness. (IJB, May, 1951)
h a t t e r t o n
, R
u t h
Homeward borne. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1950.
312 P•
A Jewish refugee child is adopted by a Vermont woman, causing dissension
between her and her anti-Semitic husband.
o h n
, E
m il
e r n h a r d
Stories and fantasies from the Jewish past. Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society, 1951. 262 p.
Ten short stories, each based on an historical event or personality, conveying
Jewish ideals. Translated by Charles Reznikoff.
ia m o n d
, J
o se ph
S. Door of hope. New York, Greenberg, 1951. 281 p.
A struggle for liberty in a Rumanian town about a half century ago in which
Jewish and non-Jewish young men lead a peasants' revolt.
a l s t e in
, L
o u i s
Face of a hero. New York, Harcourt, Brace, 1950. 312
p .
An exciting story of a Jew, the tail-gunner of a B24 bomber crew sweating
out their fifty bombing missions at a base in Italy in 1944. The hero’s Jewish-
ness does not increase or decrease as a result of some significant Jewish expe-
riences. (IJB, December, 1950)
a s t
, H
ow a r d
The proud and the free. Boston, Little, Brown, 1950. 311 p.
A rebellion of “foreign” troops from Pennsylvania during the American
Revolution. The Jews among them felt concern about the discrimination
against them by officers.
i s h e r
, V
a r d i s
The valley of vision. New York, Abelard Press, 1951. 426
p .
A novel of King Solomon and his time, which depicts the battle for power
between the king and the prophet.
o l e y
, M
a r t h a
ed. The best American short stories, 1950. Boston, Houghton,
Mifflin, 1951. 452 p.
Includes four stories on Jewish themes by Victoria Lincoln, Abraham
Rothberg, Charles Angoff, and Ralph Kaplan. (IJB, June, 1951)
r i s c h a u e r
, P
a u l
. S
great a queen: the story of Esther, queen of Persia. New
York, Scribner’s, 1950. 356 p.
This book purports to narrate the story of Esther with embellishments,
elaborations and new elements. The succinct and dramatic account of the
original version is lost in this unexciting and dull rendering. (IJB, December,
a e r
, J
o s e p h
Heart upon the rock. New York, Dodd, Mead, 1950. 214 p.
A portrayal of the poverty-ridden, superstition-controlled life of Yanovke,
a small Jewish community in Bessarabia, prior to World War I, revolving
about the problem of the disregard of the younger generation for the beliefs
of its elders. (IJB, January, 1951)
e n r iq u e s
, R
o b e r t
. T
little love. New York, Viking Press, 1950. 562
p .
Follows the changes of fortune of a family of landed English gentry and
their Jewish neighbors from the mid-twenties until after World War II.
u g h e s
, R
u p e r t
The giant awakes. Los Angeles, Borden, 1950. 294
p .
This novel about Samuel Gompers, although not as inspiring as the sub-
ject himself, is a memorial to the great labor leader who acquired his social
idealism and moral fervor from his Jewish heritage. (IJB, November, 1950)
o n e s
, J
a m e s
From here to eternity. New York, Scribner’s, 1951. 861
p .
A story of courage, brutality and love, set in Hawaii before Pearl Harbor.
A few Jewish characters are included.
e r s h
, G
e r a l d
The thousand deaths ofMr. Small. Garden City, N. Y., Double-
day, 1950. 377 p.
Charles Small, son of an immigrant Polish Jewish family in London, suffers
frustrations as a result of his desire to wed a non-Jewish girl.