Page 22 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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prehensiveness and increase its utility. All books which have made
their appearance since the list published in last year’s
Book Annual
are recorded below.
a k e r
, R
a c h e l
Chaim Weizmann; builder of a nation. New York, Julian
Messner, 1950. 180 p.
A popular biography written for the adolescent level and apparently based,
for the most part, on
Trial and Error.
i l b y
, K
e n n e t h
W. New star in the near east. New York, Harper, 1950. 304 p.
An objective report on the bitter struggle between the Arabs and the Jews
as seen through the eyes of a top-notch newspaper correspondent. Mr. Bilby
has no axe to grind and his praise of Israel is tempered by criticism as well.
r a v e r m a n
, L
i b b y
Children of the Emek. New York, Furrow Press, 1950. 120
p .
A new and revised edition of a book first published in 1937, it tells an
interesting story of life and travel in Israel as seen through the eyes of children.
r isc h
, D
a n i e l
On the road to Zion. New York, Zionist Organization of America,
1950. 240 p.
A selection of articles, addresses and other miscellaneous writings dealing
with the author’s philosophy of Jewish life. There are essays on Zionism,
Jewish education and Zionist personalities; many are “state papers” written
while Mr. Frisch was President of the Zionist Organization of America.
id a l
, S
o n ia
Meier Shfeyah. New York, Behrman, 1950. 44 p.
An illustrated account, for children, of a day’s activities in this well-known
children’s village in Israel.
r u b e r
, R
u t h
Israel without tears. New York, A. A. Wyn, 1950. 240 p.
A light and entertaining report on life in Israel today. Emphasis is on the
humor, the good cheer and the gayer aspects of living. Some serious attention
is given to the airlift of Yemenite Jews.
u r ew it z
J. C. The struggle for Palestine. New York, W. W. Norton, 1950.
404 p.
A comprehensive and objective account of the disintegration of the Mandate,
the repercussions in the Arab and Jewish worlds and the complications caused
by big-power politics. A thoroughly documented study with maps and
exhaustive bibliography.
Israel Yearbook 1950-51. New York and Tel Aviv, Zionist Organization of
America, 1951. 380 p.
A compilation of valuable material on every phase of life and activity in
Israel, with valuable statistics and directories. This is a successor to
Palestine Yearbook and Israeli Annual
which last appeared as Vol. IV, 1948-49.
e v e n s o h n
, L
o t t a
Vision and fulfillment. New York, Greystone, 1950. 190
p .
A brief history of the Hebrew University with particular emphasis on its
significance and role today.
a g il
A. B. Israel in crisis. New York, International Publishers, 1950. 224
p .
A study of the political developments leading to the creation of the State
of Israel and of Israel’s internal problems as seen from a Communist per-
il l
, R
a l p h
Israel revisited. Atlanta, Tupper & Love, 1950. 116 p.
The first section is a reprint of essays written by the Atlanta news-
paperman when he visited Palestine prior to formation of the new state; the
second section contains his journalistic observations after the creation of
Israel. Foreword by
il l y
o s e
o r tm a n
e r n a r d
Investing in Israel. New York, American Section of the
Jewish Agency, Revised edition 1950. 47 p.