Page 23 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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A compilation of helpful information and statistics on the economy of the
Jewish State of interest to the would-be investor.
o p k in
, Z
e l d a
Quiet street. Philadelphia and New York, Lippincott, 1951.
382 P•A powerful and moving novel of a family which went through the bitter
struggle of Israel’s rebirth, suffered its share of tragedy and experienced the
exhiliration of Israel’s renaissance.
il v e r m a n
, A
lth ea
O. Habibi’s adventures in the land of Israel. New York,
Bloch, 1951. 202 p.
A sequel to
Habib't and Yow>
this book offers a number of additional adven-
tures in the life of a young American in the Jewish homeland; a juvenile.
So You’re Going To Israel. New York, Zionist Organization of America, 1950.
44 p.
A concise and handy guide for the American tourist; revised and expanded
edition of a book originally published in 1949.
p ic e h a n d l e r
, D
a n i e l
Let my right hand wither. New York, Beechhurst, 1950.
261 p.
Personal account of an American boy who served with the Haganah and
Israel Air Force. Essentially an adventure story, the book also records the
impact of the creation of the State of Israel on a sensitive young American
t e i n e r
, P
a u l
Israel laughs. New York, Bloch, 1950. 166
p .
An anthology of every-day jokes from Israel which illustrate the problems
of the country as well as indicate the universality of humor.
u g r u e
, T
h o m a s
Watch for the morning. New York, Harper, 1950. 304 p.
A vividly dramatic, emotional and almost rhapsodic account of Palestine’s
Jewish pioneers and their battle for the birth of Israel. The book is based on
Mr. Sugrue’s penetrating interviews with persons he met in Israel.
a n
a a s s e n
, P
i e r r e
Jerusalem calling. New York, Dial Press, 1950. 337
p .
A call for the constitution of God’s Kingdom on earth in the spirit of Isaiah,
Jeremiah, Amos, Jesus and other prophets. The author feels that the new
Jerusalem can again give the world a spiritual message as in days of old.
e i s s
- R
o sm a r in
, T
r u d e
Jerusalem. New York, Philosophical Library, 1950.
51 P• . A history of Jerusalem and of the role it has played in Jewish life from
biblical days to the present. Profusely illustrated.
e iz m a n n
, C
h a im
Trial and error. New York, Harper, 1950. 608 p.
A new, illustrated edition of particular interest because of the splendid
collection of photographs which did not appear with the original edition of
this book in 1949.
e l ig s
, D
o rothy
F. The story
o f
modern Israel. New York, Bloch, 1950. 370
p .
A revised and up-to-date edition of a book first published in 1945; a splendid
history of Zionism and survey of modern Israel for young people.
a r a t z
, G
i d e o n
et al. A new way of life. London, Shindler and Golomb, 1949.
146 p.
A collection of essays on kibbutz and cooperative life in the Jewish State.
r a e n k e l
, J
o s e f
ed. Robert Strieker. London, Ararat, 1950. 94 p.
A collection of biographical and appreciative essays on the late Viennese
Zionist leader.
e r s h a t e r
C. Thirty days in Israel. Johannesburg, The Jewish Book Centre.
1950. 249 p.