Page 24 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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A better-than-average account of a tourist’s observations in Israel, the
tourist in this case being a newspaperman.
i t l i n
, M
a r c ia
The vision amazing. Johannesburg, Menorah Book Club,
1950. 374 p.
A history of the development of the Zionist movement in South Africa.
o o dm a n
, P
a u l
Zionism in England, 1899-1949. London, Zionist Federation of
Great Britain and Ireland, 1949. 86 p.
Reprint of a book first published in 1929; emphasis is on the historic events
prior to that date.
y am so n
A. M. Palestine under the mandate. London, Methuen & Co., 1950.
210 p.
A factual account of British administration and its effects upon the growth
and development of the country.
im c h e
, J
o n
Seven fallen pillars. London, Seeker & Warburg, 1950. 326 p.
A study of the middle-east with particular attention to the failures of
British policy.
i k e s
, G
e o r g e
. M i lk
and honey. London and New York, Wingate, 1950. 160 p.
A humorous and satirical analysis of politics, sociology, culture, religion,
etc. in Israel.
a b in o w ic z
, O
sk a r
K. Fifty years of Zionism. London, Robert Anscombe,
1950. 130 p.
A detailed and documented critique of Chaim Weizmann’s
Trial and Error.