Page 28 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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p ic e h a n d l e r
HE trend for American Hebrew authors to publish their
belletristic works in the alert and the more relevant Israeli
market continued throughout the past year. Zalman Schneour
issued his brilliant but nonetheless uneven
Luhot Genuzim
two volumes of his earlier poetry, all of which were almost imme-
diately sold out. Hillel Bavli contributed a small volume of poetry
and Jochanan Twersky an historical novel. Two native American
poets who have settled in Israel also had a share in this year’s
crop of Israeli verse: Reuben Avinoam (Grossman) of Chicago pub-
lished his complete poems and T. Carmi (Carmi Charney), a young
Brooklynite, his first book of highly subjective lyrics.*
In America, Daniel Persky gleaned his quasi-humorous columns
for a collection called
Zehok Me1 eretz Yisrael
(Israel Laughs),
Menachem Ribalow assembled a number of journalistic but critical
essays into a volume and Israel Efros issued a narrative poem.
Among the more important books in the field of Jewish studies
are Dr. Louis Finkelstein’s introduction to the treatises
Abot d'Rabbi Natan
, Dr. Bernard D. Weinryb’s source materials
on Polish communal history, and the Hebrew volume which forms
a part of the set issued in honor of Dr. Alexander Marx’s seventieth
jubilee. Noteworthy too was the publication of Moshe Davis’
history on the forerunners of Conservative Judaism, the first of
its kind in American Jewish letters.
b e l l e s
l e t t r e s
f ro s
, I
s r a e l
Zacharti lach
( I
remember unto thee). New York, 1950.
A poem with Israel’s War of Liberation as the background.
K u s h t a i ,
S. Min ha-hayyim (Out of life). Baltimore, Hebrew Teachers College,
195° .
A collection of stories.
, D
Zehok me’eretz Yisrael (Israel laughs). New York,
1950. 266 p.
A collection of memoirs, impressions and anecdotes that the author acquired
during the years he spent in Israel.
ib a l o w
, M
e n a c h em
Im ha-kad el ha-mabuah (With the pitcher to the foun-
tain). New York, Ogen, 1950. 350 p.
Critical essays on contemporary Hebrew letters.
* For a listing of some of these works, see “Recent Books in Israel,” by Jacob
KabakofF, pp.
26 -31 .