Page 29 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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b r a h a m
, Z
v i
a c o b
Le-Korot ha-Yahadut bi-Transylvania (The history of
Judaism in Transylvania). Vol. I. New York, 1950.
An attempt at the collection and the evaluation of various documents and
accounts concerning the Jewish communities in Transylvania.
e n
z r a
A. Ha-yenukah mi-Stolin (The “Child” of Stolin). New York, Shul-
singer, 1951. 32 p.
A monograph on the Chassidic saint, Rabbi Israel Perlow.
h e r n o w it z
, G
e r s h o n
Ha-Yachas shebein Yisrael la-goyim lefi ha-Rambam
(The relationship between the Jews and the Gentiles according to Maimonides).
New York, Bitzaron, 1951. 62 p.
The author’s rabbinical thesis, elaborated in Hebrew translation.
a v i s
, M
o s h e
Yahadut Amerika be-hitpathutah: toledot ha-askolah ha-historit
ba-meah ha-tesha esreh (The shaping of American Judaism: the historical
school of the nineteenth century). New York, Jewish Theological Seminary
of America, 1951. 403 p.
A pioneer work on the forerunners of Conservative Judaism in the United
States; an elaboration of the doctoral thesis presented by the author at the
Hebrew University.
i n k e l s t e in
, L
o u i s
Mabo le-massektot Abot ve-Abot d’Rabbi Natan (Introduc-
tion to the treatises Abot and Abot of Rabbi Nathan). New York, Jewish
Theological Seminary of America, 1950. 261 p.+48 p. English.
The sixteenth volume of
Text and Studies
of the Jewish Theological Sem-
inary. A summary in English is appended to the text.
r e e n w a l d
, L
e o po l d
Le-toldot ha-Sanhedrin be-Yisrael (On the history of the
Sanhedrin in Israel). New York, Shoulson, 1950. 112 p.
A study of the development of the Sanhedrin and its position during the
Mishnaic period.
a r r i s
, H
ym a n
H .
Toldot ha-neginah veha-hazanut be-Yisrael (History of music
and cantorism in Israel). New York, Bitzaron, 1950. 486 p.
A survey of traditional Hebrew music, including the biblical cantillation and
the music of the cantors.
ir s k y
, S
am u e l
K. Bein shekiah li-zerihah (Between sunset and sunrise).
Jerusalem and New York, Sura and Bloch, 1951. 349 p.
The history and development of the Sanhedrin to its decline in Babylon
and the attitude on it of such figures as Saadia Gaon, Rashi, and Abraham I.
e in r y b
, B
e r n a r d
D .
Teudot le-toldot ha-kehilot ha-Yehudiot be-Polin (Texts
and studies in the communal history of Polish Jewry). Proceedings of the
Academy for Jewish Research. Vol. XIX. New York, 1950. 264 p. + llOp.
Invaluable source materials on the history of the communities of Poznan,
Cracow, and Wlodawa. This volume also contains an English introduction.
e n
s a ia h
, A
bra h am
h a r fm a n
, B
e n j a m i n
Hamishah humshe Torah im
peirush Rashi (The pentateuch and Rashi’s commentary). Brooklyn, N. Y.,
S. S. and R. Publishing Co., 1950. 5 vols. 513 p., 479 p., 307 p., 371 p., 341 p.
The Rashi to the Pentateuch is given in the regular Hebrew print in vocal-
ized form and is interlinearly translated. Dr. Harry M. Orlinsky and Rabbi
Morris Charner participated in this work.
a m e ir i
, M
e n a h e m
Hibbur ha-teshuvah (Treatise on repentance). Edited by
Abraham Sopher. Notes by Louis Ginzberg. New York, Feldheim, 1950. 685 p.
a m e ir i
, M
e n a h e m
Hibbur ha-teshuvah (Treatise on repentance). Edited by
Abraham Sopher. Introduction by Samuel Mirsky. New York, Talpiot,
Yeshiva University, 1950. 800 p.
The second publication within a year of the hitherto unpublished treatise
on penitence by Don Vidal Solomon of Perpignan (1249-1306).