Page 34 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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hostilities. Many dramatic moments are unforgettably described by the
author, who received the Brenner Prize for the story.
a r h i
, Y
i s r a e l
Ha-hof ha-nikhsaf
(Shores of yearning).
Tel Aviv, Reuben Mass,
1950. 274 p.
This volume appeared on the occasion of the third anniversary of the death
of the talented young novelist Zarhi and was prepared for the press by Haim
Toren, who contributed an appreciation of the author. Included are tales
of old and new Jerusalem and the historical story “Mahanaim,” which tells
of the founding of a Galil settlement by Galician hasidim, of its decline and
revival half a century later.
v in o am
, R
e u b e n
Shirim u’poemot {Collected poems).
Tel Aviv, Yavne, 1950.
262 P•The poems written over a period of 20 years are dedicated by the author to
his son Noam, who fell in battle and whose tragic death brought forth a number
of moving pieces. Among the other poems of note are those dealing with a
group of famed British poets and those occasioned by the author’s travels.
Avinoam, formerly Grossman, took his new name in honor of his son.
il b o a
, A
m ir
Sheva reshuyot {Seven realms).
Merhavia, Sifriat Hapoalim,
1950. 216 p.
The poetic expression of a younger poet who writes in a new style and often
makes use of involved imagery. These are poems of the poet’s experiences
as a soldier in Africa and Europe during World War II which reflect the
mood of his generation.
u r i
, H
a im
Ad alot ha-shahar {Till the break of dawn).
Tel Aviv, Hakibbutz
Hameuhad, 1950. 167 p.
A group of poems of heroism inspired by the war of liberation and dealing
with the emotional impact of the struggle. The poems complement a number
of eye-witness prose reports in the book of the Negev battles which culminated
in the capture of the area. The work is permeated by a faith in the people
of Israel and their future.
Kitve J. L. Gordon {Writings of J. L. Gordon).
Tel Aviv, Dvir, 1950. 376 p.
The former six-volume edition of the poetry of the famed Haskalah poet
is contained in this fine edition. Included in the volume are an introduction
by Yaakov Fichman, and notes and comments by Yom Tov Levinsky and
Baruch Shochetman.
Kol Shire N. H. Imber {Collected poems of N. H. Imber).
Tel Aviv, M. Newman,
1950. 360 p.
This edition of the collected poems of the author of
helps to
establish the rightful place of Naphtali Herz Imber in the Hebrew poetry
of his period. The standard biography by the brother of the poet, Shmaryahu
Imber, is reprinted and there is an introduction by Dov S’dan discussing the
re-evaluation of Imber’s poetry in recent years.
e l t z e r
, S
h im sh o n
Shirot im baladot {Songs and ballads).
Tel Aviv, Dvir
La'am, 1951. 168 p.
In a pocket-book edition the author offers a selection of his popular poems
and ballads drawing upon traditional values and hasidic lore. The poems
convey to the reader a love of worlds gone by and of the idealism and belief
which permeated them.
o s e n
, A
b r a h a m
Shirim {Poems).
Tel Aviv, Yavne, 1950. 392 p.
This volume presents poems on a variety of themes, from quiet descriptions
and memories of childhood in the Ukraine to epic pieces and poems on folk
themes. While not distinguished in style or meter, the poems have a distinctive
personal quality.
c h n e o u r
, Z
a lm a n
Luhot genuzim {Hidden tablets).
Tel Aviv, Am Oved, 1950.
199 p.