Page 37 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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b e n
h u s h a n
, A
v r a h am
Ha-millon ha-hadash
The new dictionary
), v. 4.
Jerusalem, Kiryat Sefer, 1951. 400 p.
The fourth volume of this useful work comprises letters Ayin-Kuf. Vowel-
pointed throughout and richly illustrated, it incorporates recent linguistic
innovations in various fields. The dictionary appears with the aid of the
Israeli Department of Education and Culture and has the co-operation of
various authorities.
Encyclopaedia Ivrit
Encyclopaedia Hebraica
), v. 2. Jerusalem, Encyclopaedia
Hebraica, 1950. 500 p.
This part of the ambitious 18-volume project extends from
Representing the efforts of leading scholars in Israel and abroad, the
work aims to offer a compendium of general and Jewish knowledge. Among
the important items in the present volume are
atom, atomic energy
Professor Joseph Klausner is editor-in-chief and Dr. B. Netanyahu is general
editor of the project.
Encyclopaedia Mikrait
(Encyclopaedia Biblica),
v. 1. Jerusalem, Mossad Bialik
and Museum of Jewish Antiquities of the Hebrew University, 1950. 400 p.
To comprise five volumes, this new biblical encyclopedia is one of the large-
scale scholarly undertakings of Israel. Initiated in 1942, it is being produced
by a group of scholars, with A. L. Sukenik as chairman and U. M. D. Cassuto
as editor. The first volume (letter Aleph) makes use of the new archaeological
material and biblical research. Included under
Eretz Yisrael
is an extensive
section on various aspects of the country in biblical times.
Molad’ti {My homeland
), v. 16. Jerusalem, Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael, 1951.
344 p.
In its 16th year, this useful handbook offers a wealth of factual material on
Israel and the Jews in the dispersion. There are selections from recent Israeli
letters and world literature and a section of scientific information. A special
part is devoted to the jubilee year of the Jewish National Fund.
Sefer Ha-Moadim (The festival book),
v. 3, Shavuot. Tel Aviv, Agudat Oneg
Shabbat and Dvir, 1950. 303 p.
An admirable anthology edited by Yom Tov Levinsky with a rich selection
of source material, literary works, folklore and musical numbers. Books on
the High Holy Days and Pesah have already appeared in the series.
Shivat Zion
(Return to Zion).
Jerusalem, Executive of the World Zionist Organiza-
tion, 1950. 416 p.
The first of a projected series of Zionist yearbooks to include not only
studies and documents relating to Zionist history but also information on the
economic and social status of the Jews throughout the world, as well as
articles on practical and ideological questions. B. Dinaburg’s opening essay
on the historical foundation of the birth of the Jewish State offers a Palestine-
centered interpretation of Jewish history. A number of valuable surveys on
life in Israel and elsewhere appear in the volume, which is edited by B. Dina-
burg, A. Bonne and Reb Binyamin.