Page 39 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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e r v a n t e s
, M
ig u e l
d e
(Saavedra). Don Quijote de la Mancha. Translated by
P. Katz. Buenos Aires, 1950. vol. 1, 494 p.
First complete translation in Yiddish. Three previous renderings were by
Alexander Harkavy, S. Z. Setzer, and M. Kipnis.
h a v e r
a v e r
Giboyrim fun der nakht; roman fun yidishe partisanen in Poyln
(Heroes of the night; novel of Jewish partisans in Poland). Los Angeles,
Chaver-Paver Book Committee, 1950. 315 p.
The action of this novel takes place around the village Luben, in the
vicinity of Chelm and Wlodawa, during the second world war.
l in k e r
, D
a v id
In shturem (In the storm). Buenos Aires, Central Alliance of
Polish Jews in Argentina, 1950. 2 vols.
Sequel to
Hoyz oyf Gzhibov
(House on the Grzybow). Depicts Jewish life
in Poland during the transition period from czarist Russia to the Republic
of Poland.
o d in e r
, S
h m u e l
Zaveler trakt un andere dertseylungen (Zaveler highway and
other stories). New York, Ikuf, 1950. 247 p.
Selected stories by a Soviet-Jewish author who died during the war in
1941, with a short biography of the writer, by Nahum Levin.
u l b a k
, M
o y sh e
Moshiakh ben Efraim un Montik (Messiah son of Ephraim
and Monday). Buenos Aires, David Lerman, 1950. 248 p.
A new edition of two philosophical novels. First published by Wostok,
Berlin, 1924, 1926. Jacob Botoshansky has contributed a short biography
of the author.
il l e r
Sh. Dor hamidbor (Desert generation). Los Angeles, S. Miller Book
Committee, 1951. 535 p.
Novel of Jewish life in Russia and America before the outbreak of the
Russian Revolution. (See
In Jewish Bookland
, March, 1951).
a b in o w ic h
, Z
i n a
Oyfn veg tsu frayhayt; roman fun dem lebn in Erets Yisroel
(On the road to freedom; novel of life in Eretz Israel). Buenos Aires, 1950.
359 p.
Life of the Jewish pioneers in Palestine during World War II. (See
In Jewish
, March, 1951).
a r s h a w
, A
b r a h am
Yorn fun fayer un blut (Years of flame and blood). Chicago,
David Pinski Branch, Jewish National Workers Alliance, with the aid of
Antipoler Landslayt and personal friends, 1950. 221 p.
Memoirs and narratives depicting two environments: Jewish life in a small
town in Polesie, Eastern Poland, and the life of the older generation of Jewish
immigrants in America.
i d a n s
, E
m il
a n ie l
A shtot in der Lite (A Town in Lithuania). New
York, published by a committee of Jewish writers with the participation of
the David Ignatoff Literary Foundation, 1950. 221 p.
Novel of Jewish life in Lithuania shortly before World War II. The authors’
first novel,
Groyzame yorn
(Years of horror), appeared in Warsaw, 1933. (See
In Jewish Bookland
, March, 1951).
C a h n ,
v i
Der Rebe fun Kotsk (The Rabbi of Kotzk); drama in three acts.
New York, Renaissance, 1950. 134 p.
Dramatic portrayal of ideological struggles among various hassidic sects.
e in b e r g
L. Rusishe poezie (Russian poetry in Yiddish); anthology. New York,
Committee for Russian Poetry, with a grant in aid of the David Ignatoff
Literary Foundation, 1950. 256 p.
The anthology comprises 200 years of Russian verse, from Lomonosov to
the present time.
l a n t z
, J
a a c o v
A Kesais erd; epishe poeme
Bit of earth; epic poem). Mexico
City, Zvi Kessel for The Cultural Board of Jewish Central Committee, 1950.
141 p.
Ideological quest of the young hero depicted in the life of Jewish farmers in
the Ukraine before the Russian Revolution.