Page 40 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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o t l ib
N. J. A Mentsh in di himlen; naye lider un poemes (Man in the heavens;
new songs and poems). Montreal, N. J. Gotlib Book Committee, aided by the
Canadian Jewish Congress, 1950. 313 p.
r a d e
, C
h a im
Shayn fun farloshene shtern; lider un poemen (Light from extinct
stars; songs and poems). Buenos Aires, Central Alliance of Polish Jews in
Argentina, 1950. 192 p.
Poems composed 1942-1949. Subdivided into the following: Jewish towns
in Poland. — Kielce. — Heirs of the Ghetto. — Reb Aaron Maliater.
l ig e r
, K
e h o s
Die Veit farbet mikh shtarbn; lider un balades (The World
invites me to die; poems and ballads). Buenos Aires, 1950. 169 p.
Poems of the recent holocaust. Contents: Slaughter in Pitidin.—In the
Shadow of the Ghetto.—My shattered Cradle.—Flaming Joy.—Song with
Tears.—Ballad of Meir Shmuel Balaban.
a p i n
B. Der Fuler krug (The Brimming jug); poems, 1908-1950. New York,
Ikuf, 1950. 264 p.
Poems from the writer’s previous collections, with additional verses pub-
lished in periodicals, 1940-1950.
c h in d l e r
, E
l ie z e r
Yidish un khsidish; lider (Yiddish and hassidic; lyrics).
Music by Joshua S. Weisser; introduction in Yiddish by Dr. Boris M. Kader;
opening essay in English by Eva S. Oles. New York, Shulsinger Bros., 1950.
243, 20 p.
New work by the well-known poet and juvenile writer. In addition to the
verses there are “Biographical sketches of personalities and martyrs mentioned
in the book” (pp. 231-243).
h a r n e y
, D
a n i e l
Dukor (My little town Dukor; memoirs). Toronto, Canada,
Pomer Publishing Co., 1951. 320 p.
Part one of the author’s reminiscences describing life in White Russia and
Lithuania up to the year 1903.
a m e s h e k
, S
o lom o n
In yene yorn; fartseykhenungen un bilder fun mayn heym-
shtot Nieswiez (In those years; sketches and pictures of my home town
Nieswiez). New York, published by disciples and friends, 1951. 160 p.
Memoirs, episodes, and characters of a town in White Russia. Some of
these sketches have been adapted from the book
, published in Hebrew.
a s t b a u m
, J
o e l
Mayne shturmishe yorn (My tempestuous years). Buenos
Aires, Central Alliance of Polish Jews in Argentina, 1950. Volume 1, Simkha
Glezer. 171 p.
Memoirs of the author’s childhood and youth in pre-war Poland and Russia.
a i s i n
, M
a x
Groyse yidn vos ikh hob gekent; eseyen (Great Jews I have known;
essays). New York, sponsored by the Paterson, N. J., Branch of The Central
Yiddish Culture Organization (CYCO), 1950. 277 p.
Essays on many personalities in Jewish social and cultural life in recent
h om e r
- B
a c h e l i s
, R
o s e
Undzer foter Shomer (Our father Shomer). First part
by Miriam Shomer-Zunzer. New York, Ikuf, 1950. 251 p.
Biography of the well-known Jewish writer (N. M. Scheikewicz), by his
o n g
, B
o e z
Mayn lebn in teater (My life in the theatre). New York, Ikuf, 1950.
411 p.
Memoirs of a veteran actor, depicting sixty years of the Yiddish theatre
in America, Russia, and Poland.
j z e n
, A . D
Gaystige ponim fun geto (Spiritual aspect of the ghetto). Mexico
City, Jewish Cultural Center, 1950. 188 p.
Second of the author’s volumes on the Wilno ghetto. The first —
People of
the ghetto
— was published in New York, 1949.