Page 41 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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Algemeyne Entsiklopedie
(General Encyclopedia in Yiddish). New York, Central
Yiddish Culture Organization (CYCO), 1950. Vol. 4, Yidn D, 787 p.,
European period of Jewish history, till the outbreak of World War II.
a s
e l t z e r
, E
s t h e r
In di negl fun umkum (In the claws of destruction).
Translated from the Polish manuscript by Aaron Zhukovitski. Montreal,
published by a group of new immigrants from Chelm, 1950. 48 p.
A young woman who escaped from the Warsaw ghetto re-lives her ex-
r ie d m a n
, P
h il i p
Oswi^cim. Buenos Aires, Central Alliance of Polish Jews in
Argentina, 1950. 212 p.
Monograph on the death camp, from direct testimony, German documents,
and memoirs. First edition appeared in Poland, 1945. A revised edition.
K a c z e r g i n s k i ,
Tsvishn hamer un serp (Between hammer and sickle); the
liquidation of Jewish culture in Soviet Russia. 2nd enlarged edition. Buenos
Aires, Emes, 1950. 122 p.
Personal experiences of the author. (See
In Jewish Bookland,
January, 1950).
w ia t k o w sk a
, R
y w k a
Fun lager tsu lager (From camp to camp). Buenos
Aires, Central Alliance of Polish Jews in Argentina, 1950. 290 p.
Recollections of concentration camps under the Nazis. (See
In Jewish
, January, 1950).
(The Story of Gliniany). Memoirs and experiences of a destroyed
community, compiled and edited by Enoch H. Halpern. New York, Glinianer
Emergency Relief Committee,
1950. 307
p., offset.
An account of the religious, economic, and cultural life of a Jewish com-
munity in Eastern Galicia —memoirs, and documents.
a i s i l
, N
a c hm a n
Geven amol a lebn (A life that was); Jewish cultural life in
Poland between two world wars. Buenos Aires, Central Alliance of Polish
Jews in Argentina, 1951. 392 p.
Memoirs of the author, former editor of
Literarishe Bleter
in Warsaw.
Pinkas Mlava.
New York, World Alliance of Mlava Jews, 1950. 483, 63, 30 p.
Memorial volume, edited by Dr. Jacob Shatzky.
h a t z k y
, J
a c o b
Kultur-geshikhte fun der haskole in Lite (Cultural history of
the Enlightenment in Lithuania from the earliest days to the Chibat Zion
movement). Buenos Aires, Central Alliance of Polish Jews in Argentina,
1950. 215 p.
The Enlightenment in Lithuania as a cultural-social phenomenon, based
on heretofore unknown archives.
t r ig l e r
, M
o r d e c h a i
Verk “Tse”. Buenos Aires, Central Alliance of Polish
Jews in Argentina, 1950. 2 vols.
Third of a series titled “Extinguished Lights,” describing life of Nazi
victims in the concentration camp at Skarzysko-Kamienne.
a l p e r n
, L
e o n
Neviim geshtaltn (Personalities of the prophets). Lives and
achievements of our prophets; their influence on the life of the people; their
meaning for all humanity; their struggles against the social order in their
own days. Montevideo, 1950. 326 p.
Popular treatises on the prophets and their age.
iv k i n
B. Yidishe yom-toyvim (Jewish holidays). New York, M. S. Sklarsky,
1951. 255 p.
Essays concerning the significance of religious traditions to the modern Jew.
e h o a s h
Notes on the Bible by Yehoash. Lexicon of sources and exegetes in
Yehoash’s notes on the Bible, by Dr. Mordecai Kosover. New York, Yehoash
Farlag Geselshaft, 1950. 317, 62 p.
Based on the original manuscript of Yehoash.