Page 48 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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modern cosmos. A religion that should contradict no fact and
should check no inquiry, so that children should grow up
again with no distracting divorce from their parents and their
past, with no break in the sweet sanctities of childhood, which
carry on to old age something of the freshness of early sensation,
and are a fount of tears in the desert of life.”
Space does not permit of an appropriate evaluation of Zangwill
as essayist and pamphleteer, as revealed in his “Voice of
Jerusalem,” and as translator, as evidenced by his volume of
Ibn Gabirol poems and his many contributions to the “Adler”
prayerbooks. Suffice it to say that Israel Zangwill deserves better
at the hands of this generation of readers. May his 25th
mark the beginning of a revived interest in this passionate lover
of Jews and Judaism, this eloquent and ardent advocate of the
shalshelet ha-kabalah
, the uninterrupted flow of the generations
of Jewry toward the age described by Malachi, “when the hearts
of the fathers are turned toward the sons, and the hearts of the
sons to their fathers.”