Page 55 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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e r g s t e in
a n i a
Hebrew poetess; b. Poland 1908; went to Palestine 1930;
author of several volumes of poetry, incl.
Avim Hofot\
of poems to various Hebrew publications; d. Kibbutz Gvat, Israel, Sept. 17,
, L
e o n
French statesman, author; b. Paris, France, April 9, 1872; author of
Souvenirs sur 1'Affaire
(Dreyfus); contributor of articles to numerous Jewish
periodicals; translator into French of Flavius Josephus’
Contra Apion\
Paris, France, March 30, 1950.
a i s e r m a n
, H
a n a n e
e i e r
Canadian communal worker; b. Piatra, Rumania,
March 19, 1884; went to Canada 1910; founder and gen. sec. Canadian
Jewish Congress; art critic for Yiddish press since 1915; contributor of articles
to English, Yiddish, and French periodicals; author of
Idishe Dichter in
Two Candian Personalities
(Lyon Cohen, A. J. Freiman); d. Montreal,
Canada, Dec. 25, 1950.
u k s
, T
a n i a
Yiddish author; b. Bessarabia, Russia, 1893; went to Argentina
after World War II; author of
A Wanderung iber Okupirte Gebitn
; d. Buenos
Aires, Argentina, Dec. 1, 1950.
e r c h u n o f f
, A
l b e r t o
journalist, author;
b .
Tultsin, Poland, Jan. 1, 1884;
went to Argentina 1889; associated with
La Nacion
since 1908; author of
Los Gauchos Judios
Enrique Heine
Los Amores de Baruj Spinoza
E l Christianismo Precristiano
E l Problem Judio\
d. Buenos Aires, Argentina,
March 2, 1950.
o ld sc hm id t
, L
a z a r u s
Orientalist, Talmudist, bibliophile; b. Plungiany,
Lithuania, Dec. 17, 1871; went to Germany 1888, to England 1935; best
known for his critical edition of the Babylonian Talmud and translation
into German, the first complete translation into any European language;
published attractive editions of medieval Hebrew classics; author of numerous
books, incl.
Lacrimae Sionis
Eine talmudische Realkonkordanz
zu Jacob Levys Worterbuch der Talmudim und Midraschim
The Earliest
Illustrated Haggadah
Hebrew Incunables\
translator of the Bible and the
Koran into German; collector of an outstanding private library, part of
which as acquired by the Royal Library in Copenhagen; d. London, England,
April 18, 1950.
o o r
, Y
e h u d a
(Grazovsky), Hebrew educator, lexicographer; b. Minsk, Russia,
Feb. 3, 1862; went to Palestine 1887; pioneer of Hebrew education in Palestine
and in preparation of textbooks for Hebrew schools; author of
Beit Sefer
(5 vols. in collaboration with H. Tziffrin),
Beit Sefer Ivri
(3 vols.),
Halimud HaivriyDivrei Hayamim Learn Yisrael
; compiler of numerous Hebrew
dictionaries, incl.
Leksikon Lemilim Zarot
Leket Bituyim Ufitgamim
Hasafa Haivrit
; also a series of bilingual dictionaries (Hebrew-Yiddish,
Hebrew-English, Hebrew-German, etc.); translator into Hebrew of works
by Hans Christian Andersen, Daniel Defoe, Mark Twain, Jules Verne;
author of numerous stories, sketches, and articles in Hebrew publications;
d. Tel Aviv, Israel, Jan. 20, 1950.
ro s sm a n
, H
e n r y k
statistician, economist; b. Cracow, Poland, 1881; lived
in Austria, Germany, returned to Poland after World War I; active in early
Bundist movement; author of Yiddish socialist pamphlets, incl.
Der Bundizm
in Galitzie
; works on economic history, incl.
Osterreichs Handelspolitik mit
Bezug auf Galizien in der Reformperiode 1772-1790
, containing valuable
material on Austrian Jewish history; d. Leipzig, Germany, reptd Dec. 13,
u t tm a n
, J
u l i u s
philosopher; b. Hildesheim, Germany, April 15, 1880; lecturer
and research director, Lehranstalt fiir die Wissenschaft des Judentums in
Berlin; since 1934 prof. of Jewish philosophy, Hebrew University in Jerusalem;
author of
Der Gottesbegriff Kants in seiner positiven Entwicklung, Das Verhaltnis
von Religion und Philosophic bei Jehuda Halevi
Religion und Wissenschaft
im mittelalterlichen und in modernen Denken
Die Philosophic des Judentums
ed. works by Abraham bar Hiyya ha-Nasi and Moses Mendelssohn; d.
Jerusalem, Israel, May 21, 1950.
e l lm a n
, J
a c o b
editor, author, Labor Zionist leader; b. Riga, Latvia,
lived in Germany and Poland; went to Argentina 1939; director Latin