Page 62 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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The Council, in cooperation with the Jewish Community Cen-
ters of Cleveland, arranged a Jewish book exhibit for display at
the annual convention of the American Library Association, in
the summer of 1950, at the Cleveland Public Auditorium. The
exhibit, the first of its kind to be set up for an American Library
Association convention, included books of Jewish interest for
adults and children, colorful bookjackets and posters. Booklists
and other materials issued by the Jewish Book Council were made
available without charge to the thousands of public librarians from
all over the country who were in attendance at this convention.
Miriam Leikind, librarian of The Temple of Cleveland, and
Sophia Nahamkin and Meyer Bass of the Jewish Community
Centers, were in charge of the local arrangements.
In the summer of 1951, the Council again participated in
the American Library Association convention that was held in
Chicago. The local arrangements were made by the Chicago
chapter of the Council.
Perhaps the most fruitful aspect of the Council’s program is
evident in the variety of bibliographical aids and program mate-
rials it has published. Herewith is a list of items, descriptions of
which have been included in previous annual reports published
in the
Jewish Book Annual:
Some Jewish Books fo r Your Home Library
Jewish Book Programs
Lecturers and Artists fo r Jewish Book Month
Jewish Book Month in Public Libraries
, by Gertrude Finkel
The Magic Book-Shop
, by Sally Miller Brash
I f Books Could Talk
, by Sally Miller Brash
And I t Was Written And I t Shall Be Read
, by Martha Marenoff
Jewish Books fo r Your Home
, by Solomon Grayzel
Some Books of Jewish Interest
, by Philip Goodman
The Jewish Child in Bookland
, by Fanny Goldstein
The Jewish Book Shop
, by Isidore Cooperman
The Jewish Library
, by Jacob S. Golub
Jewish Book Festival
English and Yiddish editions
How to Conduct a Book Review Symposium
, by Dr. Mortimer
J. Cohen
How to Publicize Your Jewish Book Month Programs