Page 65 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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The Jewish Book Council of America is fortunate in having
achieved the cooperation of numerous organizations and indivi-
duals who have given of their time, their energy, and their knowl-
edge to further its aims. It is indeed true that the very nature
of the Council’s program is such that every Jew, young and old
alike, can somehow lend assistance. The national Jewish organi-
zations, the members of the Council’s National Committee, and
particularly the officers and members of the Executive Board
have given of themselves to aid the Council. The resources and
cooperation of the staff of the National Jewish Welfare Board
have made it possible to achieve a measure of success in our efforts.
The editors of the
Jewish Book Annual
— Dr. Jacob Shatzky,
Dr. Bernard J. Bamberger, and Hayyim Leaf— have been most
cooperative and made possible the publication of this book.
Dr. Solomon Grayzel, past president, has continued his unselfish
and devoted services in many ways and particularly as the editor
In Jewish Bookland.
The inspiration and guiding hand behind
the entire program of the Council has been that of the president,
Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen, whose love of Jewish books is unexcelled.