Page 68 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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stage, the Jews wrote dramatic works long before the Yiddish
theatre was founded. He discusses some of the more significant
Yiddish plays written from 1796 to the present.
“The 70th Anniversary of the Yiddish Daily Press” by Moshe
Starkman narrates the first efforts to issue a Yiddish daily in the
United States. These attempts proved abortive because there were
not yet enough Yiddish readers to maintain a daily; but the idea
was retained in the minds of those who were forced by circum-
stances to transform their dailies into weeklies. It was not until
1881 that the first successful Yiddish daily was established. The
writer points out that the Yiddish daily in America is a combina-
tion magazine and newspaper. Most literary efforts, including
novels, were published originally in these newspapers.