Page 7 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 10 (1951-1952)

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o r t im e r
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ITH this volume, the Jewish Book Council of America
completes ten years of the existence of the
,Jewish Book
These years have been critical in Jewish history; and
the pages of the
reflect the evaluations by sensitive Jewish
writers of the passing literary scene and the cultural development
of the Jewish people in Israel and in the United States.
A cursory glance through the Table of Contents of the tenth
volume of the
Jewish Book Annual
will reveal not only a treasure
trove of valuable information about Jewish literature that should
furnish the seeker after such knowledge with rewarding riches, but
will also discover the variegated abundance and vitality of Jewish
life and thought. Herein lies the unique value of such volumes
as this
They bring together, under the skillful guidance
of experts in various literary fields, a plethora of facts, ideas,
tendencies and interpretations that help us to understand better
the creative Jewish spirit and the creators of Jewish values.
It is my privilege and pleasure on behalf of the Jewish Book
Council of America to thank the men who have served as editors
of the three sections of the
Annua l
— English, Dr. Bernard J.
Bamberger; Hebrew, Hayyim Leaf; and Yiddish, Dr. Jacob
To Rabbi Philip Goodman the Jewish Book Council and the
Jewish Book Annual
owe a debt of gratitude beyond the power
of words to express. His broad acquaintance with Jewish history
and literature, his endless patience and inexhaustible energy, and
his devoted zeal have steadily maintained the high excellence of the
Jewish Book Annual.
To the authors who have shared with us
their knowledge and their talents, we give our heartfelt thanks
and appreciation.
Whatever the future holds for the
Jewish Book Annual
, of this
we can be assured, namely, that American Jewry has been en-
riched culturally and spiritually by ten notable volumes into which
has gone a decade of loving planning and creative achievement.