Page 127 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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(On the Tenth Anniversary of the Uprising in
the Warsaw Ghetto)
h i l i p
r i e d m a n
HE literature on the catastrophe of European Jewry during
the Nazi regime has reached already a veritable multitude of
books, pamphlets and articles. This abundance is
per se
a sign
of the deep concern in and the strong impact of the tragedy.
This writer has been engaged for years in the task of collecting
a bibliography of material on the Jewish catastrophe in 1939-
1945 and his collection amounts to about 17,000 items. From
these about 6,000 can be geograpKicatty classified as bearing on
various European and extra-European countries while the rest of
can be described as dealing with various
subjects and aspects of the catastrophe, independent of the
geographic location. From the 6,000 “geographical” entries bear-
ing upon various countries, 2,840 are dedicated to the tragedy of
Polish Jewry, and of these about 740 refer to the life and struggle
i of Warsaw Jewry. If popular interest can be measured by the
- number of publications, the happenings in the Warsaw ghetto and
its heroic struggle, beginning on April 19, 1943, have been proved
of enormous concern beyond doubt. From the 740 bibliographical
״, entries about Warsaw more than 100 are books, the rest are
| pamphlets or essays, treatises, articles, poems, short stories, etc.,
1 published in various periodicals, anthologies, memorial books,
ן annuals all over the world. Most of this literature is in Polish,
\ Yiddish and Hebrew but some publications in German, English,
\ French and a few in Italian and Spanish have also been listed.
Since it is impossible to bring here a full list of the 740 entries,
this writer has chosen a list of about 80 more important publica-
tions, chiefly books, but also some noteworthy documents or
essays in periodicals.
Abbreviations used in the bibliography:
Bleterfar Geshikhte
, Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw
CCI — Central Commission for Investigation of the German
Crimes, Warsaw