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m a n u e l
Souvenez vous! Paris, ed. Polyglottes, 1950. Trad, du Polonais
par Rose Bailly.
Originally published in Polish: Krwawe Strzepy (Warsaw,
tions, reflections and sketches from Warsaw Ghetto and concentration camps.
, Duque de (de la Real Academia de la H istoria). G
Y de la
, C
. El Drama de Varsovia (The tragedy o f Warsaw).
Madrid, S. H . A. D . E .,
1946. 253
p. Illustrated.
The author, a Spanish statesman, stayed in Warsaw since September, 1939,
for five years. He describes the sufferings of the Jews (p. 85-102).
i n g e l b l u m
, E
m a n u e l
Notes on the Warsaw ghetto (1940-1942). BFG, vol. I,
no. I (1948), p. 5-54.
These are excerpts of the diaries written by Dr. E. Ringelblum, a noted
historian, and the organizer and director of the clandestine ghetto archives.
R. was killed by the Nazis in 1944. His diary was found in 1946 and contains
230 handwritten and 35 typewritten pages. The Jewish Historical Institute
in Warsaw announced that the publication of the full text of the diaries is
being prepared.
e id m a n
, H
i l l e l
Togbuch fun Warshewer ghetto (A diary of the Warsaw ghetto).
Buenos Aires, CFPJ, 1947. 331 p. Illustrated.
Also published in Hebrew:
Yoman Ghetto Warsha
(Tel Aviv, Ummah
Umoledeth, 1946). The book, written in a lively manner, had been subjected
to severe criticism by several reviewers.
h o s k e s
, H
a y im
( H
e n r y
) .
Bleter fun a ghetto tagbuch (Pages of a ghetto diary).
New York, H. H. Glantz, 1944. 126 p.
English edition
No Traveler Returns
, ed. by Curt Riess (New York, Double-
day, 1945).
h o sh a n a h
h o s h a n a h
- K
a h a n
) .
In fajer un flamen (In fire and flames):
A diary. Preface by F. Bimko. Buenos Aires, CFPJ, 1949. 399 p. Illustrated.
Describes on p. 13-151 the first months of the Nazi occupation in Warsaw,
thereafter the escape through Bialystok, Vilna, Japan to Shanghai.
i l b e r s c h e i n
A., ed. Das martyrium des Warschauer ghetto (The martyrdom
of the Warsaw ghetto). Geneva, 1944. 37 p. Illustrated. Mimeographed.
Die Judenausrottung in Polen. Serie 2.
il b e r s c h e i n
A., ed. Warschau. Die vernichtung der juedischen gemeinde bis
zur grossen revolte (The annihilation of the Jewish Community till the great
revolt). Geneva, 1945. 69 p. Illustrated. Mimeographed. Die Judenaus-
rottung in Polen. Serie 4.
a j n k r a n c
, N
o em i
Przeminelo z ogniem (Gone with the fire). Preface
b y
Efroim Kaganowski. Lodz-Warsaw, CJHC, 1947. 193 p.
One of the most impressive diaries of the Warsaw ghetto and the German
extermination operations. A Yiddish translation has been published in a
>series of installments in New York
from August 25, 1946, up.
z e n d e
, S
t e f a n
ed. The promise Hitler kept. New York, Roy Publishers, 1945.
281 p.
Originally published in Swedish:
Den siste Juden fron Polen
1944), and in German:
Der letzte Jude aus Polen
(Zurich, Europa Verlag,
Record of Adolf Folkman of his life under Nazi occupation in Lwow
[Lemberg]; his escape and life in Warsaw in “Aryan” disguise (p. 215-245).
z p ilm a n
, W
l a d y sl a w
Smierc miasta (The death of a city): a Diary 1939-1945.
Ed. by Jerzy Waldorf. Warsaw, Wiedza, 1946. 205 p.
A famous pianist tells his life story in the Warsaw ghetto and thereafter
in the “Aryan” side of the city.
e n e n b a u m
, B
e n j a m i n
ed. Ehad me‘ir ushnayim mimishpakha (One of a town
and two of a family). Merhavia, Hashomer Hatzair, Sifriyath Hapoalim, 1947.
241 p.
Autobiographic accounts of children about their experience during the
Nazi occupation; many records about Warsaw (p. 15-51).
u r k o w
, J
o n a s
Azoy is es geven (Thus it happened). Buenos Aires, CFPJ,
1948. 529 p. Illustrated.
---------. In kamf farn lebn (In struggle for life). Buenos Aires, CFPJ, 1949.
425 p. Illustrated.