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Some of the “Songs of Hunger and Cold” and “Songs of Curse,” by the
great poet of the Warsaw Ghetto, have been published out of the collection
on file with the Beyth Lohamey Hagetaoth (The Historical Institute of
Itzhak Katzenelson) in Israel.
a r g o l e s
- D
a v id s o n
, H
a y im
Ot azoy zegt a stoliar (Thus saws a carpenter).
New York, Warshe, 1945. 32 p.
---------. Mit der dratwe a t z i . . . (With the twine — a p u l l . . . ) . New York,
Warshe, 1945. 32 p.
---------. Royte Karshelech rayst men (One plucks the red cherries). New York,
Warshe, 1946. 32 p.
Three stories about the Warsaw Ghetto.
p a to sh u
, J
o s e p h
Ven Poyln
gefaln (When Poland fell). New York, CYCO,
1943. 311 p.
Also a Hebrew edition,
Hurban Polin
(New York, Histadruth Ivrith, 1947).
---------. Yidn-legende un andere dertzaylungen (The Jew legend and other stories).
New York, CYCO, 1951. 319 p.
a a s s e n
, P
ie r r e
a n
Earth could be fair. New York, Dial Press. 1946. 509
p .
Also a German edition:
Wie Schoen koennte die erde sein
(Zurich, Steinberg
Verlag, 1947). One of the main characters of the book — the Jew, David —
is being driven to Poland and killed in the fight of the Warsaw ghetto.
a t
, J
ac o b
Henech. Buenos Aires, CFPJ, 1948. 159
p .
The story is based on a diary of a 13 year old boy of the Warsaw Ghetto.
u d n ic k i
, A
d o l f
Ascent to Heaven. Translated by N. C. Stevens. New York,
Roy Publishers, 1951. 204 p.
Four short stories. The author, a famous Polish writer, is a baptized Jew.
Zotchlani (From the abyss). Poezje ghetta. Preface by Jacob Apenszlak. New
York, Nasza Trybuna, 1945. 32 p.
This collection of poems by Polish and Jewish writers was published by the
Polish underground in Warsaw and republished in New York. Also a Hebrew
edition appeared (Tel Aviv, Gazit, 1946, translated by Benjamin Tenenbaum).
Some poems were translated into English by A. Glanz-Leyeles in
Jewish Record
, vol. 8 (1945), p. 129-136, and by the same author in Yiddish
in his book
A y id oyfn yam
(A Jew on the Sea) (New York, CYCO, 1947).
y g e l bo ym
, F
a y v e l
Gettograd. Drama in 3 acts, in Yiddish. Johannesburg,
Board of Deputies of the South African Jews, 1945. Offprint from
Afrikaner Zamlbuch