Page 137 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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R. I., designed by Harrison and traces its sources. Excellent illustrat-
Bulletin of the Museum of Jewish Antiquities of the Hebrew University. Jerusalem,
Louis M. Rabinowitz Fund, 1949, 1951. 32 p. 16 plates.
The two issues which have appeared so far deal with more recently exca-
vated ancient synagogues. Beautifully illustrated.
Chagall. Notes by the artist and introduction by Michael Ayrton. New York
and London, Pitman, 1950. 24 p.
Sensitively written, very informative introductory essay. Ten plates in
u c a
Lo. Benn. Paris-Geneva, Les Editions d’Art Albert Skira, 1947. 52 plates.
Deals with a very interesting Jewish painter, one of the few who have
survived in Paris.
Exhibition catalogues.
Valuable data and illustrations are to be found in catalogues of Jewish art
exhibitions arranged by or in collaboration with the Jewish Museum of the
Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, Art Museum of the Hebrew Union
College, Cincinnati, Jewish Museum, London, Museum of Jewish Folkart
of the “ORT”, Paris, and others. The catalogues may be obtained from these
e n s t e r
, H
e r s h
Our martyred artists. Paris,
1951 . 2 6 2 p .
Biographies and evaluations of Jewish artists. Illustrated. Foreword by
Marc Chagall.
am z u
, H
a im
Painting and sculpture in Israel. Tel Aviv, Eshcol, 1951. 63+64 p.
114 plates.
Survey of modern trends in Israeli art as contrasted with the early “Bezalel
School.” Illustrations partly in color. Text in Hebrew and English.
l u e c k
, N
e l so n
The river Jordan. Philadelphia, The Westminster Press and
Jewish Publication Society, 1946. 268 p.
A vivid account of the historical river at the banks of which Judaism,
Christianity and Islam developed. Illustrated with architectural remains,
carvings and mosaics excavated in the area, including Jewish specimens.
a p h a e l
“The Halakhah and Aesthetics,” in
Israel of Tomorrow
ed. Leo Jung. New York, Herald Square Press, 1946, pp. 255-269.
A discussion of beauty in nature, man, objects of devotion and music in the
light of the Talmud and medieval commentaries.
oo dm a n
, P
h il ip
ed. Jewish ceremonial objects. New York, National Jewish
Welfare Board, 1946. 25 p.
Program suggestions and articles on Jewish art by Julius Carlebach and
Temima N. Gezari. Descriptions and illustrations of objects.
o o d r ic h
, L
lo yd
Max Weber. New York, Macmillan, 1949. 58 p.
Interpretative study giving full treatment to many aspects of Weber’s
work. Carefully compiled biographical note. Bibliography. Illustrations.
o l ish e r
, D
e s i d e r
The house of God. New York, Crown, 1946. 232 p.
Album of views of churches and synagogues in the U. S. A. Some show the
services conducted in them.
a c o b s o n
, J
a v e l
Art of today. Chicago, L. M. Stein, 1933. 154
p .
Fine selection of illustrations. Many works by Jewish artists. No text
except for personal statements of the artists.
Jewish motifs. New York, Machmadim Art Editions, 1947. 8 plates.
A portfolio of eight reproductions of works by Maurycy Gottlieb, Samuel
Hirszenberg, Leopold Horowitz, Josef Israels and Rembrandt.
a tz
aym o n d
A new art for an old religion. New York, Russel F. Moore,
Twenty-seven motifs based on the Hebrew alphabet with explanatory
notes by Prof. Shlomo Marenof.
---------. The ten commandments. Chicago, L. M. Stein, 1946. 10 plates.
Ornamental compositions based on the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.
a y s e r
, S
t e p h e n
S . ,
e y e r
, I
s ido r e
S .
Early American Jewish portraiture.
New York, American Jewish Historical Society, 1952. 20 p. 16 plates.
An illustrated catalogue of thirty-five paintings, exhibited by the AJHS
at the Jewish Museum, with an introduction and interpretation.