Page 138 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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s a a c
Marc Chagall: his life and work. New York, Philosophical
Library, 1951. 125 p.
Biography and evaluation of the artist with emphasis on his Jewish back-
ground. Profusely illustrated.
a n d s b e r g e r
, F
r a n z
. A
history of Jewish art. Cincinnati, Union of American
Hebrew Congregations, 1946. 369 p.
Includes also a description of ceremonial objects and their uses. Illustrated.
Elaborate bibliography.
---------. Rembrandt, the Jews and the Bible. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1946. 189 p.
Includes references to Jewish artists in Amsterdam. Illustrated.
e v e e n
, J
a c o b
The Hebrew Bible in art. London, Oxford University Press,
1944. 142 p. 41 plates.
Valuable for talmudic references to art. Fine selection of illustrations, some
published for the first time. Bibliography.
ic h t e n s t e i n
, I
sa a c
Ghetto motifs by Abraham Walkowitz. New York,
Machmadim Art Editions, 1946. 6 p. 50 plates.
Casual jottings, at points suggestive. Yiddish and English.
---------. Jerusalem. New York, Machmadim Art Editions, 1941. 10 plates.
o u k om sk i
, G
eo rg e
K .
Jewish art in European synagogues. Historical intro-
duction by Cecil Roth. London, Hutchinson, 1947. 182 p.
Includes 115 plates. Unique collection of photos and drawings of synagogues,
particularly rich in East European material. Datings and identifications often
unreliable. Informative introduction.
o w e n t h a l
, M
a r v in
A world passed by. New York, Behrman, 1938. 500 p.
Sketches of Jewish life and history in Europe and North Africa in the form
of a travel book and museum guide. Illustrated.
e r z e r
, A
r i a
25 Dessins. Texte de I. Pougatch. Preface du Prof. L. Hersh.
M .
Slatkine, 1945.
Portfolio of linear drawings illustrating popular songs. Some inspired by
Peretz, Sholem Aleichem, Opatoshu and Leivick.
il l i e r
, A
r t h u r
The art of Max Band. Los Angeles, Borden, 1945. 12 p.
32 plates.
Album of the more recent paintings of the artist.
il l n e r
, S
im o n
L. Isaac Lichtenstein. New York, Machmadim Art Editions,
1949. 20 plates.
---------. Lesser Ury. New York, Machmadim Art Editions, 1943. 48 p. Hebrew.
Introductory essay. Representative selection of illustrations of many phases
of the artist’s work.
a r k i s s
, M
o r d e c a i
The Hannukah lamp. Jerusalem, Bnei Bezalel, 1939. 102 p.
64 plates.
A historical survey of the Hanukkah lamp and its forms. A careful study.
Some of the datings conjectural. Profusely illustrated. Hebrew with English
ew m a n
, E
l ia s
Art in Palestine. New York, Siebel, 1939. 125 p.
Informative introductory essay. Excellent illustrations accompanied with
biographical notes. Not superseded by more recent publications in the
selection of material.
Old Jewish Cemetery of Prague. Prague, Council of Jewish Religious Communities
of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, 1947. 15 p. 42 plates.
Text of the guidebook by Hana Volavkova. Excellent illustrations.
One hundred contemporary American Jewish painters and sculptors. With an
essay by Louis Lozowick. New York, YKUF Art Section, 1947. 207 p.
Biographical data, portraits and personal statements of the artists. Lozo-
wick’s apt essay points out major art trends from the colonial period on.
Each artist illustrated by one work.
Oppenheim pictures: depicting Jewish ceremonial life. New York, National
Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, 1930. 45 p.
A small booklet of 21 reproductions of the Jewish scenes by the earliest
Jewish genre artist.