Page 139 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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ic a r t
, B
e r n a r d
Scenes from Jewish life. San Francisco, Gennart Co.
Ten reproductions of engravings by the 18th century French illustrator of
Jewish ceremonies.
in k e r f e l d
, J
ac o b
Synagogues in Palestine: from the end of the Gaonic period
to the immigration of the Hassidim. Jerusalem, Mossad ha-Rav Kook, 1946.
64 p. Hebrew.
An interesting phase of synagogue architecture in the Orient influenced by
East European synagogue architecture. Illustrated.
a s h e l l
, J
a c o b
Yiddishe Kinstler. New York, 1943. 159 p. Yiddish.
Essays on eleven Jewish painters and sculptors. 33 illustrations.
e if e n b e r g
A. Ancient Hebrew arts. New York, Schocken, 1950. 170 p.
Photos of architectural remains, paintings and mosaics, carvings, pottery,
ivories and glass from the period of the Kings through the Roman period in
Palestine and the ancient Diaspora. Informative captions.
-------- . Ancient Hebrew seals. London, East and West Library, 1950. 59 p.
Catalogue of seals with an introduction on technique and inscrip-
tions. Includes old Hebrew alphabet and bibliography. Very handy. Illus-
e i s s
, L
io n e l
My models were Jews. New York, Gordon Press, 1938. 147
p .
A selection of 178 paintings, watercolors, drawings and etchings. Intro-
ductions by Franz Boas, Cecil Roth and John Haynes Holmes.
om a n o f f
, P
a u l
Jewish symbols on ancient Jewish coins. Philadelphia, Dropsie
College, 1944. 79 p. 7 plates.
An interpretation of the emblems in connection with the festivals.
o s e n a u
, H
e l e n
A short history of Jewish art. London, James Clarke, 1948.
78 p.
Sketchy but interesting comments on synagogue architecture, particularly
in England. Some little known illustrations. Helpful footnotes.
u b e n s
, A
l f r e d
“Anglo-Jewish Coats of Arms” in
Anglo-Jewish Notabilities.
London, Jewish Historical Society of England, 1949, pp. 75-128.
A list of armorial bearings in current use in Great Britain up to the year
1900 accompanied by a list of armorial bookplates. Illustrated with 100
a c h s
, J
o s e p h
Beauty and the Jew. London, Edward Goldston, 1937. 290 p.
c h o r
, I
Paintings on Yiddish themes. New York, Gallery of Jewish Art,
Twenty reproductions. Introduction by Stephen S. Kayser.
c h n e id
, N
a p h t a l i
The paintings of the Synagogue of Dura-Europos. Tel-Aviv,
Gazit, 1946. 104 p. 36 plates.
Brief survey of the paintings. Some suggestions for their interpretation.
Hebrew with English summary.
chw a r z
, K
a r l
Modern Jewish art in Israel. Jerusalem, Reuben Mass, 1941.
177 p. Hebrew.
A survey of architecture, sculpture and painting. Illustrated.
---------. “The Hebrew Impact on Western Art,” in
The Hebrew Impact on Western
ed. Dagobert D. Runes. New York, Philosophical Library, 1951,
pp. 405-504.
A survey of Jewish art, rather than an evaluation of its influence.
---------. Jewish artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. New York, Philosophical
Library, 1949. 273 p.
Chronologically arranged biographical essays. Well illustrated.
u k e n i k
, E
l eaza r
L. The ancient synagogue of Beth Alpha. Jerusalem, Hebrew
University Press; London, Oxford University Press, 1932. 58 p.
Detailed study of the 6th century synagogue near Beisan. Many illustrations
of the mosaic floor in color.
---------. Ancient synagogues in Palestine and Greece. London, Oxford University
Press, 1934. 90 p. 19 plates.
Systematic survey of synagogue remains excavated up to 1932.* Well
documented. Excellent illustrations.