Page 141 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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is c h n it z e r
, R
a c h e l
“The Sabbath in Art,” in
The Day of Delight
by Abraham E. Milgram. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1944,
pp. 319-334.
A description of Sabbath ceremonies, objects dedicated to Sabbath use and
works of art interpreting the different aspects of Sabbath. 43 illustrations.
o r s t
, S
ie g m u n d
The five megilloth. New York, Ktav, 1948. 139 p.
Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes and Esther illustrated by
Forst. Hebrew and English texts.
l a t s t e in
, Y
a n k e v
Yossel Loksh from Chelm. New York, Machmadim Art
Editions, 1944. 48 p.
A poem in Yiddish. 17 drawings by Isaac Lichtenstein. Music by Henech
o ld
H. The girl with the braid. New York, Machmadim Art Editions, 1946
40 p.
A pastoral poem in Yiddish. 27 drawings by Isaac Lichtenstein.
Kdoshim — Martyrs. New York, Machmadim Art Editions, 1947. 32 p. 18 plates.
Paintings by Isaac Lichtenstein. Poems by Yiddish poets and melodies by
Henech Kon.
o l n ik
, A
r t h u r
M6tamorphoses d ’une melodie. Vingt gravures sur bois
inspires par le conte hassidique de I. L. Peretz. Texte adapte du Yiddish
par Maximilien Rubel. Preface de Henri Hertz. Paris, the Author, 1948.
25 p. 20 plates.
Some of the twenty illustrations of Peretz’ story “Transmigration of a
Melody” were inspired by scenes in the concentration camps. Sensitive
creations of the well known engraver. Hebrew and Yiddish editions were also
ic h t e n s t e in
, I
sa a c
Niggun. New York, Machmadim Art Editions, 1945. 29
Illustrations by Lichtenstein to folk and hassidic songs with musical themes
by Henech Kon and anonymous composers.
The Pessach Haggadah. Illuminated by Kafra. Hebrew. English translation
supplement by I. Edward Kiev. New York, Feldheim, 1949.
Miniatures inspired by medieval Haggadah illustrations.
a s k i n
, S
a u l
Five Megilloth. New York, 1949. 100 p.
The five scrolls illustrated by Raskin. Hebrew and English texts.
---------. Genesis: the first book of Moses. New York, 1944. 139 p.
One hundred etchings and drawings. Hebrew and English text.
---------. Haggadah for Passover. New York, 1941. 92 p.
Drawings and etchings. Hebrew and English text.
---------. Kabbalah in word and image. New York, 1952. 80 p.
---------. Pirke Aboth. New York, 1940. 136 p.
The Ethics of the Fathers illustrated with etchings. Hebrew, Yiddish and
English texts.
, A
r t h u r
The book of Job. New York, Heritage Press, 1946. 148 p.
Illuminations by Szyk. Preface by Mary Ellen Chase.