Page 195 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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IN 5712 (1951-52)
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HE Jewish Book Council of America is dedicated to the dis-
semination of Jewish literature for it believes that the Jewish
book contributes significantly to Jewish group survival. Jewish
history gives ample evidence of the basic role that Jewish learning
embodied in books has played in the development and the strength-
ening of Jewish communities throughout the world. If the great
American Jewish community is to add another chapter to the
history of the Jewish people then we must have readers, students,
and scholars, poets and authors, who will create a Jewish cul-
tural renaissance in America. No longer can we turn for spiritual
and cultural guidance and influence to Europe for the great
centers of Jewish life on that continent have been tragically
destroyed. While we cast loving eyes to Zion for “Torah and the
word of God” we recognize that the infant state of Israel is pre-
occupied with unprecedented problems. Jewish life in America
needs to be developed without necessarily relying upon outside
forces. In this process, Jewish literature must have its rightful
position. The Jewish Book Council of America aims to further
this goal. I t seeks to revive the time honored tradition that a
Jewish home must have a Jewish library; it encourages Jews to
study daily at least through the reading of Jewish books; it urges
the establishment of Jewish libraries in all Jewish communal in-
stitutions. The achievement of these aims is being sought through
a variety of means described herewith.
Sparked by Jewish Community Centers in communities across
the country, Jewish Book Month was observed with extraordinary
enthusiasm by the widest segments of the Jewish community.
The ninth annual observance, marked by synagogues and temples,
youth, young adult and community councils, schools, libraries,
bureaus of Jewish education and local chapters of national organi-
zations, took place from November 23rd to December 23rd, 1951.
Mounting interest of the community at large was seen in the
proclamation of Jewish Book Month by the Mayor of New York;