Page 196 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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the broadcast to Israel of a talk in Hebrew by the State Depart-
ment’s Voice of America; and the active participation of many
libraries and colleges. Book events were held in a number of
military posts and veterans hospitals. Exhibits, talks, book fairs,
plays and radio and TV programs were features of the events in
virtually every community. A number of department and book
stores set up book displays. Exhibits were seen in Doubleday
book stores in 20 cities. Special announcements were carried on
two TV networks along with programs on many radio stations.
Two world-famous Jewish literary figures were heard on CBS’s
coast-to-coast “ Invitation to Learning” program on Sunday,
December 2nd, presented in honor of Jewish Book Month. Ludwig
Lewisohn, noted Jewish author and professor of Jewish literature
at Brandeis University, and Maurice Samuel, author of
World of Sholem Aleichem
, discussed Israel Zangwill’s
Dreamers of
the Ghetto
, marking the 25th anniversary of the death of Zangwill.
Dr. Lyman Bryson was the moderator on the program.
Jewish Book Sabbath, which is noted annually by rabbis and
congregations during Jewish Book Month, was marked on Friday
evening, December 14th and Saturday, December 15th, 1951. In
a letter addressed to rabbis by the Synagogue Council of America,
Rabbi Simon G. Kramer, its president, called on them to parti-
cipate in Jewish Book Month because it “has become a regular
feature of American Jewish life and has proved a very valuable
device for arousing interest in good Jewish literature.” Rabbis
planned special sermons on Jewish books, and congregations
sponsored talks, exhibits, plays and pageants. Affiliated with the
Synagogue Council are the Rabbinical Council of America, the
Rabbinical Assembly of America, the Central Conference of
American Rabbis, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations
of America, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, and
the United Synagogue of America.
Intensive programming was evident in many communities. A
mass rally at the Miami Beach Jewish Center, 18 radio programs
in Yiddish and Hebrew, talks by all the Miami rabbis and a
concert by the choir of the cantors association were features of
the Greater Miami celebration under the direction of the local
Jewish Book Council and the Bureau of Jewish Education. The
Council made available a traveling exhibit along with book re-
viewers and speakers to all local Jewish organizations. In addi-
tion to exhibits at the Bay Front Public Library in Miami and
at the Miami Beach Public Library, there were displays in all
Hebrew and public schools of both cities.
Three Jewish Book Month talks at the Boston Public Library,
one of them combined with a candlelighting ceremony, a book