Page 198 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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Included among communities where programs were held (in
addition to those mentioned) were: Atlantic City, N. J.; Albany,
N. Y.; Arlington, Va.; Bangor, Me.; Baltimore, Md.; Brookline,
Mass.; Buffalo, N. Y.; Cincinnati and Columbus, O.; Chicago,
111.; Hartford, Conn.; Hempstead, L. I.; Indianapolis, Ind.;
Kansas City, Kan.; Knoxville, Tenn.; Louisville, Ky.; Lynn,
Mass.; Montreal, Can.; New Brunswick, N. J.; New Orleans, La.;
Nashville, Tenn.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Peekskill, N. Y.; Phoenix,
Ariz.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Providence, R. I.; Rochester, N. Y.;
Springfield, Mass.; Syracuse, N. Y.; South Bend/ Ind.; San
Carlos, Calif.; and Youngstown, O.
To a large degree, cooperation of the national Jewish organiza-
tions made possible the community programs for they succeeded
in stimulating their local constituents to participate intensively
in Jewish Book Month. Some of these national organizations
prepared and distributed materials and others used the program
resources of the Council.
Two celebrated English novelists, Israel Zangwill, and George
Eliot, a non-Jew, were honored for their contributions to Jewish
life and literature during Jewish Book Month. The 25th anni-
versary of the death of Israel Zangwill, author of
Children of the
Dreamers of the Ghetto
, and the 75th anniversary of
the publication of
Daniel Deronda
, by George Eliot, were noted.
Other significant anniversaries marked were the 100th birthday
of the great classical Yiddish writer, I. L. Peretz; the 100th anni-
versary of the death of Micah Joseph Lebensohn, Hebrew poet
and translator into Hebrew of classical works of poetry; the 30th
anniversaries of the deaths of Eliezer ben Yehuda, pioneer in the
development of modern Hebrew, and David Frischman, Hebrew
and Yiddish writer, editor and translator; and the 70th anni-
versary of the establishment of the Yiddish daily press.
To aid in commemorating the anniversary of Peretz, the Council
prepared a number of bibliographies that were included in
Loeb Peretz: A Source Book for Programming
and aided in the
production of a filmstrip on the master of modern Yiddish litera-
ture, both issued by the National Jewish Welfare Board.
With the cooperation of the Chicago chapter of the Jewish
Book Council, we succeeded in arranging an exhibit of books of
Jewish interest at the 75th Anniversary Conference of the AmerĀ­