Page 20 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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Central Conference of American Rabbis. Union home prayer book. Philadelphia,
1951. 204 p.
Personal meditations and prayers for family worship and special occasions.
o h e n
, M
o r t im e r
J. A book of remembrance. Philadelphia, Beth Sholom Cong.,
1951. 85 p.
Memorial services and prayers for use in conservative services.
o h o n
, B
e r y l
From generation to generation. Boston, Bruce-Humphries,
1951. 133 p.
A series of sermons delivered at Temple Sinai, Brookline, Mass.
a v id so n
Jo. Between sittings. New York,
D i a l ,
1951. 369 p.
Autobiography of the late American Jewish sculptor.
/ D
a v is
S. Race relations in ancient Egypt. New York, Philosophical Library,
1952. 176 p.
The second part is a study of the Jews in Egypt during the Hellenistic age
and the origins of anti-Semitism in Alexandria.
, W
a l t e r
Opportunities in Jewish religious vocations. New York,
Vocational Guidance Manuals, 1952. 128 p.
An analysis of the training and requirements for services in the synagogue,
Jewish communal agencies and occupations related to Jewish observance.
i s e n s t e in
, I
& K
o h n
, E
u g e n e
eds. Mordecai M. Kaplan: an evaluation.
New York, Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation, 1952. 324 p.
Analysis of Dr. Kaplan’s writings and contributions to Jewish theology and
sociology in celebration of his 70th birthday anniversary.
e in b e r g
, L
o u is
The spiritual foundations of Judaism. Cincinnati, Cong.
Adath Israel, 1951. 280 p.
A posthumous collection of sermons and addresses.
ra n k
, A
n n e
The diary of a young girl. New York, Doubleday, 1952. 285 p.
Introduction by Eleanor Roosevelt.
The diary of a German Jewish girl, written while concealed with relatives
in a loft in Amsterdam.
a e r
, J
o s e p h
The lore of the old testament. Boston, Little, Brown, 1951.
388 p.
The midrashic interpretation of the Bible for the general reader.
o l d in
, H
E. Hebrew criminal law and procedure. Mishnah: Sanhedrin-
Makkot. New York, Twayne, 1952. 308 p.
An English translation and commentary of the two tractates relating to the
organization of the .courts and the administration of law.
-------- . A treasury of Jewish holidays. New York, Twayne, 1952. 308 p.
Customs and ceremonies plus the ritual and folklore of the minor celebrations.
G o l l a n c z , V i c t o r .
Man and God. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1951. 576 p.
An anthology from varied Jewish, Christian and other religious writings
with original poems and music.
o l d s t e in
, I
sra e l
Brandeis University: chapter of its founding. New York,
Bloch, 1951. 133 p.
Correspondence and historical background of the development of an
American college under Jewish sponsorship.
om b erg
o b er t
e v in so n
, F
ran ces
T. Diagnosis and prognosis in
family counseling. New York, Family Service Association of America, 1951.
243 p.
A collection of 13 papers by members of the staff of Jewish Family Service
of New York.
ord is
, R
o b e r t
Koheleth: the man and his world. New York, Jewish Theo-
logical Seminary, 1951. 396 p.
Authorship and relation of Koheleth against the background of ancient
wisdom literature together with the Hebrew text and a new English translation.
, B
e n jam in
e e
Between two worlds: the memoirs of a physician.
New York, Bookman Associates, 1952. 354 p.
Autobiography of a Philadelphia physician who was active in the early
development of Hebrew culture and Zionism in the U. S.
r e e n b e r g
, L
o u is
The Jews in Russia,
v . 2.
Edited by Mark Wischnitzer.
New Haven, Yale University Press, 1951. 213 p.
The volume treats the period of the struggle for emancipation from 1881
to 1917.