Page 200 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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The above material was widely distributed through hundreds
of organizations. Thousands of items were made available.
To insure the continued existence of the tri-lingual character
of the
Jewish Book Annual
and simultaneously to make it more
useful in interpreting Jewish literature and disseminating current
Jewish books, it was decided that its format be changed. Hence-
forth the contents of the Annual, no matter in what language,
shall represent the tri-lingual (English, Hebrew, and Yiddish)
character of Jewish culture in the United States. Bibliographies
in all three languages will no longer be separated. The major
portion of the book will be in English whether or not the article
deals with literary interpretation or bibliographical information
in other languages. Where a subject is best treated in Yiddish or
Hebrew, it shall be so treated without placing it in a separate
part of the book.
After numerous discussions, the advantages of continuing
Jewish Bookland
as a supplement to the
JW B Circle
were brought
forth. I t was reported that the JWB is interested in advancing
its Jewish cultural work through
In Jewish Bookland
by giving
the 20,000 recipients of the
JW B Circle
an opportunity to receive
In Jewish Bookland
. Many lay leaders in Jewish communal life
are now taking advantage of the periodical which serves them as
a guide in the purchase of books. To enable libraries that wish
to bind
In Jewish Bookland
for permanent reference, a small
edition on a better paper stock has been made available.
After using the beautiful illumination by Arthur Szyk for
Jewish Book Month during the past five years, the Council has
decided to issue a new poster. I t was fortunate that it was able
to obtain a loan from the private collection of Marco Birnholz
of an original unpublished painting by the famous Jewish artist
Uriel Birnbaum. The painting has been reproduced in the original
colors and bears the slogan “Books for the People of the Book.”
Bookmarks with the same illustration were also produced.