Page 201 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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To encourage American Jews to set up home libraries, the
Council has created a portable exhibit of 95 basic Jewish books
and nine panels, both of which are available on loan to Jewish
communal groups. The books, in two bookcases, and the panels
are obtainable from JWB’s Jewish Center Lecture Bureau’s Audio
Visual Service. Selected by a committee of the Council “as sug-
gestions for the beginnings of a Jewish home library,” the books’
subjects cover religion, the Bible, history, Israel, fiction and
Of the nine panels, four contain photographs of contemporary
Jewish authors, novelists, poets and historians, who write in
English, Hebrew and Yiddish, and one shows masters of modern
Jewish literature. Two have samples of outstanding illuminations
from medieval and renaissance prayer books, Haggadahs and
scrolls. Two panels contain book plates of individual and Jewish
communal libraries from the collection of Philip Goodman.
The Council also has available an exhibit consisting of photo-
graphic reproductions of seven of the panels in the portable ex-
hibit. These are intended to supplement a book exhibit arranged
in a local community.
The Council arranged two portable exhibits of
Illustrations to
the Folktales of Peretz
by Yossel Bergner and another exhibit
based on Peretz’s story,
The Transmigration of a Melody
, with
woodcut illustrations by A. Kolnick and an English translation
by Maurice Samuel. Each of the exhibits is accompanied by a
selection of books on and by Peretz in English, Hebrew and
Library citations were presented to: Minda Library, Beth
Shalom Congregation, Kansas City, Mo.; Benj. Neff Memorial
Library, Tri-City Jewish Center, Rock Island, 111.; J. S. Hoffman
Memorial Library, Cong. Rodfei Zedek, Chicago, 111.; and Morris
P. Radov Family Library, Jewish Center, Erie, Pa. These
libraries met the minimum criteria for a Jewish library that have
been established by the Council. There are now 53 libraries of
Jewish Community Centers, Jewish schools, synagogues, and
bureaus of Jewish education that have been awarded citations.