Page 203 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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The JWB Bureau of Public Information was responsible for
the favorable reception the Council’s activities received in the
English-Jewish and Yiddish press. Items on the Council appeared
in the Book Sections of the New York Times and the Herald
Tribune as well as in other daily newspapers. The Bureau staff
assisted in the development of radio and television programs and
were responsible for exhibits in department and book stores.
The Council has been able to provide a number of valuable
services to publishers and authors of Jewish books. This aid has
been increasing considerably with a growing number of pub-
lishers and authors continually turning to the Council for guid-
ance. We have compiled lists of Jewish book distributors and
important Jewish libraries, and we are able to suggest sources for
other Jewish mailing lists. While we cannot aid in the actual
sale of books nor do any specialized promotion for a particular
book, we have been able to alert publishing firms, particularly
the general ones, to the potentialities in the Jewish field.
Requests for suggestions and advice from organizations and
individuals are handled daily. These may deal with particular
needs of libraries, requests for specialized booklists, sources for
book purchasing and a variety of other types of services.
The Executive Board and standing and special committees held
meetings frequently throughout the year. Among the active com-
mittees were Editorial Advisory Board of
Jewish Book Annual
Editorial Advisory Board of
In Jewish Bookland
, Budget, Judges
for Poetry Awards, Judges for Fiction Award, Judges for Juvenile
Award, Library Citations, and special committees on the
Book Annual
, Membership and Evaluation.
The Annual Meeting of the Council was held on May 21, 1952,
at the YM & YWHA, New York City. Dr. Bernard J. Bam-
berger, vice-president, presided. Solomon Kerstein in behalf of
the Resolutions Committee presented a resolution in memory of
Nathan H. Friedman who was a member of the Council’s National