Page 204 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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Committee and an ardent devotee of Jewish culture. The resolu-
tion was adopted by a rising vote.
The following resolution was also adopted:
h e r e a s
the National Jewish Welfare Board is generously
meeting the budget of the Jewish Book Council of America
which amounts to approximately $18,000 for 1952 for which
we are deeply grateful;
h e r e a s
we are desirous of expanding our program to
meet the increasing needs and demands of the American
Jewish community for our services;
h e r e a s
it is desirable that the organizations represented
on the National Committee of the Council have a more con-
crete sense of affiliation with the Council,
h e r e f o r e
be it resolved that organizational members of
the National Committee of the Council pay a minimum
annual membership fee of $25.00;
n d
be it further resolved, that publishers who desire to
be affiliated with the Jewish Book Council of America pay a
minimum annual membership fee of $50.00.
Dr. Joshua Bloch presented the report of the Nominations
Committee and upon his motion, which was duly seconded and
passed, the report was adopted, electing the officers, mem-
bers of the Executive Board and national organizations and
members-at-large to the National Committee.
Five awards carrying cash prizes totaling $800 and citations
were made at the meeting. Dr. Louis I. Newman presented the
Samuel H. Daroff Fiction Award. The Isaac Siegel Memorial
Award for 1951 ,s best Jewish juvenile in English was given by
Mrs. Annie N. Siegel. The three Harry Kovner Memorial Awards
for English, Yiddish and Hebrew poetry were presented by
Bernard and Milton Kovner.
The library citations were presented by Rabbi I. Edward Kiev.
Following a musical interlude in which Raymond Smolover sang
several numbers in English, Yiddish and Hebrew, Dr. Solomon
Grayzel presented a testimonial of appreciation to the retiring
president, Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen. The citation read in part as
Rabbi, author, editor, lecturer, and communal leader, Dr.
Mortimer J. Cohen has loyally and devotedly served the
Jewish Book Council of America as a member of its Executive
Board, as a contributor to the
Jewish Book Annual
, as a
founder and editor of
In Jewish Bookland
, and as president
from 1950 to 1952.